Renovation Projects to Plan This Winter

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The idea of renovating your home when the temperatures are below zero outside might not seem so appealing. Even if you live in a more moderate climate, you might be thinking more about a winter vacation than updating your home. The fall and winter months can be an ideal time to get your home in better shape though.

Use this guide to learn more about winter renovation projects you can take on this year. You might be surprised just what you can do even if you don’t have as much daylight to work by.

winter renovation projects

Winter is the Right Time for Renovations

Winter brings snow, driving winds and frigid temperatures in many locales. While these things might not seem helpful for a renovation project, winter can be the ideal time to start a new project.

Here are a few reasons winter time is often the right time to get down to work:

•   Professionals and contractors likely have more availability, so you may be able to pick and choose who you hire. In the spring and summer months, they’ll be tied up on bigger building and renovation jobs that require good weather. In the winter, you’ll be able to dictate the schedule of the job on your terms within reason.

•   You might pay less. Many contractors and professionals won’t be as busy, so they may offer a better rate for renovation work this time of year to stay busy. This can help you save some money and upgrade your space at the same time.

•   Dry air can actually make some renovations faster by speeding up drying times. This minor benefit can mean your job gets finished faster overall. Who doesn’t want to get their renovation done a few days faster?

What’s the Perfect Winter Project?

While your home and what it needs most should dictate your winter renovation project plans, there are a few jobs that we think are great around the holidays. Here are some go-to winter renovation projects to consider for your home:

Winter renovation projects
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•   Brighten up your kitchen with a bold backsplash. From colorful glass tile options to understated and timeless mosaic tile, your kitchen will feel like a new place with minimal effort on your part. Bold colors might even help keep those winter blues at bay.

•   Update your tile in the bathroom. Tile is a smart material in the bathroom on the floors, in the shower and even up to chair rail height on the walls. This year, update your look by replacing worn, old or damaged tile with something new. Natural stone, porcelain, ceramic and a host of other styles come in simple styles and designer-friendly looks.

•   Install new countertops in the kitchen or bathroom. While installing new countertops in the kitchen might be a big job, it can transform your kitchen immediately. In the bathroom, the effect is just as strong. Not sure what countertop material to choose? Check out this primer to help you decide.

•   Opt for a bright coat of paint. Painting is a fast, easy project you may be able to do yourself. Adding a fresh coat of paint – even if you keep the same general color – can liven up your space and make it feel more vibrant. You can also add a colorful accent wall to add a touch of spring during a cold snap!

Get Help or Do it Yourself?

You’ve done your homework, figured out your budget and decided on the perfect winter renovation projects for your home. You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get down to the dirty work, right? Not so fast.

Doing it yourself can be cost-effective and maybe even fun, if, in fact, you know how to do it yourself. While you can certainly learn on the job if you’ve got basic skills, taking on a tough project like installing a new kitchen countertop when you can barely hang a picture on the wall isn’t necessarily a smart choice for you or your home.

Here are a few tips to help you decide whether your winter renovation projects are D.I.Y. jobs or tasks better left to the pros:

luxury vinyl wood floor tiles style

•   Have you ever done the job before? What about similar tasks? Experience trumps all when it comes to home renovation projects.

•   Do you have the tools you need? Would you be able to get tools you don’t have without spending a small fortune in the process? Sometimes buying or renting tools can be costly, particularly when it comes to tools like saws and saw blades for cutting tile.

•   Can you get help? Most renovations aren’t a one-man or one-woman job. Do you have somebody who can help you? Hired hands like a neighborhood handyman might work if you’re willing to spend a little extra for somebody with a bit of experience.

•   Do you feel safe doing the work? Experience trumps all, but safety is king on any renovation or building project. If you can’t do the work safely, don’t do it at all!

This year, skip the skiing and stay home to take advantage of your free time to renovate your home. Better yet, keep those vacation plans and give a trusted contractor your keys. You could just come home to a perfect place you love spending time in!

Not quite sure what renovation project to take on this year? Maybe you need a little help picking the perfect materials to get started? Reach out to us today so we can help. We’ve got a range of materials for every project in the house. We can also advise you on how to get started and maintain your space once renovated.


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