Replacing single hardwood floor boards

At this time of year, particularly around here in Vancouver where it rains an awful lot in the winter time, moisture can become a problem for solid wood flooring if it works its way underneath.

Of course the two are mortal enemies; moisture can be insidious, and wood flooring reacts by swelling and cupping.  But, what to do if a single board is damaged and a precision replacement is needed?

Overflowing eaves

Overflowing eaves image courtesy of Webhamster.

I found a great question and answer article on how to replace a single solid wood floor board, courtesy of Tim Carter better known as Ask The Builder.

One thing that seems to be an undercurrent in the answer is that this is a tough job.  And unless you’re a pretty seasoned flooring installer and repair person, it can test the limits of your patience a well as your skills as a DIYer.

So, if you’ve tried this in the past and found it difficult but got the job done satisfactorily, than you were probably doing it right!  If you’re facing the problem now, hopefully Tim’s answer will point you in the right direction.



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