Rocking Interior Design: Rock n Roll Imagery In Your Space

In my other life (everyone needs more than one) I write a music blog, being something of a lifelong music geek. So, in my wonderings (there are a lot of those, too) I mused on the possibility of the two worlds of design and home decor and the world of pop music colliding in a wonderful big bang, as it were.

The danger of course is that such a collision would end up being a Frankenstein’s monster – lots of cheese, and none of the subtle style that characterizes 21st century design. But, what was the real deal on taking pop music imagery, and applying it to interior design and home decor?

My penchant for scouring the Internet kicked right in, and I found myself delving into interior design visions using the familiar shapes and iconography of rock history. And here are some of the interior designs I discovered, which actually turned out to be pretty stylish, with not a whiff of cheese in sight. What really comes through is sheer personality, which is what creating your own space is all about.

Here are the 10 designs that caught my eye.


1. The guitar god ceiling lighting fixture

Take your fretboard fantasies to dizzying heights! If you’re looking to rock out an entertainment room, or man-cave, or Joan Jett-inspired girl-cave, you could do worse than this six-stringed lighting fixture.

Rock House Theater contemporary media room

2. The Iggy Pop bathroom

If your bathroom needs a new lust for life, than who better to include than punk rock forefather Iggy Pop staring balefully out at you? Yet, still this classic pop-art style really makes for a real spark in a smallish space. Note the supremely cool sink, too.

Iggys Modern Powder Room modern powder room

3. Fab Four bedroom

To get that summer of love via Liverpool vibe, here’s how one design incorporates some Beatlesque additions, contrasting the psychedelic accents of  the four prints of Ringo, Paul, John, and George (as they appear on the wall) to the dark, monochrome wall surface.

madebygirl-bedroom contemporary bedroom

4. A Boss boudoir

This bedroom is bright and breezy, and perfect for adding a slight touch of darkness at the edge of town for contrast. So, the monochrome print of Springsteen on the single pillow makes for a very effective focal point.

bedroom eclectic bedroom

5. Classic black vinyl

The image of the classic vinyl disc was, and in many ways still is, a symbol of an energetic and youthful spirit. And that spirit is evoked subtly here, helped along by the little Les Paul guitar on the fireplace. And a bonus! This room was designed by our Twitter-bud (and author of Slobproof!) Debbie Weiner!

Bethesda Photoshoot eclectic media room

6. Fender Strat coffee table

Leo Fender and associates designed the stratocaster guitar in 1954, just before “rock n roll” as a social phenomenon took off. Since then, its design has pretty much stayed the same, creating something of an iconic shape over the decades. And here is the head of the guitar stock in coffee table form!

Fender Strat Coffee Table

7. Gabba Gabba Hey Window Seat

Here’s a punk rock addition to your home that lets the sunshine in, featuring Ramones Joey, Johnny, Tommy, and Dee Dee. The CBGBs heroes adorn this window seat on some punk rock custom roller blinds.

8. We mean it, maaaan!

Some queenly brilliance is added to a living space here, using the Sex Pistols’ 1977 “God Save The Queen”  single record sleeve design as a guide.

9.  A word from His Bobness

A popular addition to home decor is the use of fonts, particularly around popular quotations that create positivity as well as visual punch. Song lyrics are a great source for this, like these taken from Bob Dylan’s 1974 song “Forever Young”, a song he wrote for his kids.

Kids Bathroom eclectic bathroom

10. Rock posters on the wall – grown up edition

The rock poster on the wall  is something we associate with teenagehood. But, in this interior design arrangement, the rock poster is repositioned, complete with tasteful matching frames,  to become a refined and grown-up texture to a bright and welcoming space.

Dining Room contemporary dining room


Rock and pop music imagery has been an established aesthetic for decades. And as it turns out, the icons, symbols, and associations of rock music and its history can be added very tastefully into an interior design.



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