Room For Inspiration: 3 Escape-Worthy Bedrooms

Vesdura Vinyl Planks - 5.5mm SPC Click Lock - Vigorous Collection

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Your bedroom is a sacred place, your haven after a long day. If you’re in need of escape, let these dreamy designs whisk you away.


1. This lofty loveliness

Daltile Porcelain Tile Bridge Deck - Yacht Club Series

Daltile porcelain tile bridge deck – Yacht Club Series from BuildDirect.

I can see it now… You, coffee in hand, flouncing about in a lush, cozy robe. This place is your little slice of heaven—something all your own—where you can steal away a few hours for yourself. You venture onto your private patio to soak in some fresh air and ponder the important things in life, like: “Is there time for one more massage?” and “Where did I leave that wine?”

This room blurs the lines between outside and in, with natural and synthetic textures and materials. The wall panels are chic without being ostentatious, and the bed curtains create a soft, romantic feel. With Yacht Club series floors from Daltile, you’ll achieve luxury, style, and practicality—without the price tag. Plus, these floors stand up to moisture like nobody’s business. So if you spill some of that sweet, sweet wine? No biggie.

2. This woodsy wonderfulness

Jasper Hardwood - Canadian Solid Strip Specials

Limited / Moose / Birch / Builders / 2 1/4″ / Smooth SKU: 15273561

Picture yourself rising on Sunday morning…. You unhurriedly stir as the late-summer sun beams through the window. The smell of eggs, pancakes, and bacon fills your nose. You think of getting up for a second, but retreat into your bastion of cozy pillows and blankets instead. Relax. There’s no hurry, no place to be.

This bedroom is charmingly old fashioned, yet stylish, with rich hardwood floors in American black walnut, a much-admired interior design element for centuries. The comforter creates a lovely countryside feel, with layers of blankets to cocoon in. Different grains and species of wood throughout the room tie this whole look together.

3. This quiet chamber

Kaska Porcelain Tile Beige - Euro Series

Kaska Porcelain Tile “Beige” – Euro Series

There you are, on a Thursday afternoon, scribbling your thoughts on paper. It’s quiet now, and you steal away some time to work on your memoir—a tale of espionage, globe-trotting, and racy exploits. “But this bed is so cozy,” you think. You doze off for a moment, only to be awakened by a knock at the door. Who could it be? “They’ve found me,” you think, as you hurriedly pack your bag and slip out the window.

(Can you tell I just watched The Bourne Ultimatum?) All tales of reconnaissance aside, this bedroom is bare-bones minimalistic—in a cozy sort of way. The details are basic and modest, with glazed porcelain tile floors (Kaska Euro Series) and a pop of colorful pillows. This is the place where you escape from the world.

Over to you

Which of these bedrooms would you retreat to? Tell us in the comments!

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