Room For Inspiration: This Lively, Green Kitchen

Creating comfortable kitchen spaces is easy when you add a dash of natural color. And what better a vehicle for that than houseplants? Here are some examples.


wall herb garden kitchen

Spring is here, and a touch of green—from potted plants to herbs—is a great way to breathe life into any room.

I love how the wood floors and potted plants brighten this all-white kitchen, seamlessly blending natural and synthetic elements. It’s effortlessly modern, fresh, and altogether unexpected. The different shades of green—from leafy lettuce to potted ferns—add an element of visual interest, and really pop against the white walls and kitchen island.

Here’s how to make a green look work for you:

Vet your vegetation

dining room table terrariums

(image: ProFlowers)


If you’re a rookie gardener at best, opt for plants that aren’t easy to murder. (Because plant homicide is a real problem.) A fern, succulent, peperomia, or a few hens and chickens are all relatively safe bets for the black-thumbed among us. If you’re confident you can avoid most cultivation casualties, add some air plants to hanging glass pods. Yes, they survive on air, but they also need water. (Heed thy warning!)

Or you could try your hand at tending potted herbs, like mint, thyme, and basil. Bonus: you’ll have all the fresh herbs you need to spice up bland dishes, from chicken to spaghetti.

Add a touch of color


From apple green to dark and mossy, the shade you choose will set the mood. Light shades of green create a fresh, springtime look, while darker hues create a bolder, more elegant feel. This design is primarily green and white, but it would be equally stunning with an unexpected pop of color.

Bright yellow, turquoise, and royal blue look stunning paired with a grassy or apple green. If you’re going for a more subdued look, earth tones—like brown and tan—create a muted, calming look against a green backdrop.

Soft pink, deep purple, or violet hues complement both light and dark shades of green. For an unexpected twist, add a flowering indoor plant, like an African violet. Or you could choose succulents that come in shades of muted red, orange, and green.

To prevent your plants from turning into dried-up plant corpses, make sure your kitchen provides the right amount of light or shade.

Over to you

What do you think? Could you see yourself sipping smoothies in this green kitchen? I’d love to hear your thoughts, so be sure to leave a comment.

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