Room To Move: Designing A Pet-Friendly Home

bunny rabbit!

(image: Toms Baugis)

Pets need exercise and mental stimulation to thrive. From bunny condos to catios, these pet amenities are all the rage in the animal kingdom.


Humans love our furry friends. Snuggles and purrs melt ice-cold hearts, soft fur exfoliates hands, and adorable quirks up the “squee” factor in any home.

Your pet provides a whole lot of joy, unconditional love, and affection, and doesn’t ask for much in return. It’s a big world out there, and your pet’s just waiting to hop, climb, nibble, scratch, and sniff through it.

Invest in these pet amenities and your furry companion will love you forever:

Bunny condos

When it comes to housing your bunny, say “no thanks” to a cage and “yes please!” to a rabbit condo. Like a tiny, suburban micro home for your bun, a rabbit condo provides a comfortable place for your bunny to play or soak in some quiet time after a day of hopping.

Typical bunny condos include amenities like hay racks, ramps, playpens, tunnels, saunas (just kidding!), and fun toys to chew to pieces.


Catios come in all forms, whether it’s an enclosed kitty paradise full of cat-friendly foliage, or a YMCA-esque jungle gym with all the amenities. Extending into the outdoors, catios allow Mr. Snuggles to get some fresh air without going AWOL and absconding into the bushes.

As Steffani Cameron points out in this article, catios also keep birds and other critters safe from your cat’s kung fu death grip.

cats patio

(image: Rick González)

Cat raceways

For the social climbing cat, nothing says “I care” quite like a cat raceway. Basically, a cat raceway (aka cat walkway) is a secret lair where your kitty can hatch diabolical schemes of world domination. It’s like a giant, ceiling-height jungle gym for Sir Snuggles, complete with wooden planks, platforms, and anything else that tickles your cat’s fancy.

You could buy a fully assembled raceway, or start with a few shelves or tiny stairs that lead to rafters full of foliage and hidey holes. If you install one of these babies, your cat may even start to like you. (Or at least become less indifferent towards you.)

Doggy agility courses

When it comes to exercise, walking or running your dog outside is ideal. But sometimes the weather acts up, or your pooch needs some extra exercise to melt off that, um, “holiday weight.” has some great ideas that involve arranging household items like pillows, boxes, and chairs to give you and your dog a run for your money.

running dog on grass

To start, encourage your dog with lots of treats and lead him through it. Be patient. It may take some time for your pooch to learn the course. But before you know it, Sir Barks-A-Lot will be hurdling through like a track-and-field champion.

How do you exercise your furry friends indoors? Kitty jazzercise? Bunny yoga? Tell us about it in the comments!

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