Sandstone Tile. Now With Racing Stripes

Some of you may be pretty surprised to know these pictures are not of wood, they are actually sandstone tiles. I am sad to report that the racing stripes won’t actually make anything faster (I wear striped shirts from time to time and I am still as slow as ever), but they do really give this stone a unique look.

Or maybe you prefer the animal references. Back in the day (1989) L.L. Cool J was “Walking  with a Panther”, but how about walking on a tiger? Check out this one below for another really unique looking sandstone tile.

Everyone loves the tiger! I know from experience,. You see, back when we were getting the pictures taken for our blogs (the one you see on my About Marc page) we did a little playing around while setting up the lighting. One of the best came out, and is now infamously known in the office as “The Tiger”. And because I am a really cool guy, and a giver, I blew it up 8×10, signed it, and gave it out around the office. I am everywhere. So, to all “My Number 1 Fans” this tiger’s for you.

El Tigre

So let me know what you think of the sandstone. I already know the tiger is fabulous.

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