Scratches on Bamboo Floors

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Way back on January 11, 2008 I wrote about one of my pet peeves “companies who claim to have Anti-scratch finishes on their bamboo floors”.  Well 3 months later I came across a Bamboo forum that is dedicated to the problem of scratches on bamboo floors and it got me hot under the collar again!!!

I estimate at 90% of the bamboo floors in North America are finished with some sort of Aluminum Oxide finish and when it is scratched it will leave a white mark.  These marks are more evident on a carbonized floor rather than a natural coloured floor because of the darker base colour.

When a pre-finished floor is manufactured it actually has up to 10 coat of finished applied. Many manufacturers were (and are) using the aluminum oxide on all these layers, which is acceptable but the when it scratches is will be white right off the bat.  What we have done to help resolve this problem is float the aluminum oxide layer within the finishing layers. Instead of applying it on layers (1 to 7) we adjusted our method and only apply it on layers 3 to 5. By doing this and removing the Aluminum oxide on the top layer we have reduced the potential of scratches and not jeopardize the hardness of the product.

By no means am I saying that our floors will not scratch but day to day traffic will not damage the floors as reported in the forum.

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Matt Dickinson