Seasonal Sweaters & Quilts: The Good The Bad & The Butt-Ugly

Between the ornate decor and the many themed parties, Christmas is a festive time of year – the problem, is that some people wouldn’t know tacky if it bit them on the butt. That said, we’ve compiled a list of common offenders – a gallery of seasonal sweaters and quilts that define The Good, The Bad and the Butt-Ugly.

Kitty Tassels

Our Christmas wish is that this piece was not created in seriousness and that only one cat was harmed in the making of this sweater. This has to be one of the ugliest holiday sweaters we’ve ever seen!

And Bears? Oh My!

No mistake about it; there is a lot going on with this tacky holiday sweater but Nutcrackers and wreathes AND bears? OH MY!


Rudolph’s Bad Side

Because this sweater was obviously custom created for an ugly Christmas sweater party (God help the person otherwise), we give a round of applause to the inventor for achieving the goal. Well done, that’s funny!


Decorated Tree

Ummm, it doesn’t require too much explanation but any time you have bedazzled elements protruding beyond the surface of the fabric, you have an ugly sweater.

Half-Assed Quilting

So, you bought a bunch of holiday-patterned fabrics and crudely brought them together into a single piece you want to call a quilt? Sorry. That is not quilting. We award you no points … and may The Spirit of Christmas have mercy on your soul.

Peek a Boo Snowman

Aside from the peek-a-boo snowman being all kinds of tacky, at what point were lime green and glowing magenta put on the Christmas color palette?

Fireplace Fail

It’s all fine and dandy to print the cliché scene of a fireplace and stockings on a Christmas card but, putting it on your sweater with the graphic quality of an Atari game, is a fail.

The Santa Suspects

Considering this looks like the “suspect board” of a police homicide unit, it kind of kills the Christmas cheer and makes you wonder which Santa did it?

To Poinsettia, or Not to Poinsettia

The caption on this photo said, “Christmas isn’t Christmas without poinsettias!” This may be true but a quilt isn’t a quilt with a poinsettia!

Quilting Eyesore 101

We would never knock the hard work and skill involved in the making of a quilt but that’s no license to ignore tact. This eyesore gives you a headache just looking at it!

Florida Flamingos Fail

Maybe this is a retired Floridian trying to get in the Christmas spirit but, of course, that brings up the question: What does a Floridian need a sweater for?

Christmas Purple?

OK, you’re close. You nailed the snowflake theme but that color palette looks more like a Wonka candy wrapper than it does a Christmas sweater.

Off the Mark

The middle-aged Midwestern woman in this sweater wants so badly to be cute and stylish during the holiday but, hear it here first; it’s just not happening.

Quality Quilting

Finally, something with a little taste … we’re going to give this quilt a “good” rating for its contemporary quirk that makes it look like it could be sold at Target.

Six-Section Christmas

We’ve all heard of the 25 Days of Christmas but this blue, six sections of a Christmas sweater is just awkward. The best part is, it’s almost nice enough to be taken seriously but ugly enough to have them laughing behind your back.

A Test Run

In the making of this quilt, we’re hoping it was just a test run for the creator – a chance to try all of the various quilting techniques and to work out the bugs. If not, we feel sorry for the person it was made for!

Christmas Chaos

The artist behind this quilt must have been hosting family for the holidays and then decided to express how they felt through the art of quilting. Much like hosting a large family, this is chaos!

Clash of the Holidays

Although this nicely done quilt could probably fall into the “good” category on this list, it’s a little uncertain if this is a Christmas or Valentine quilt. Well, love’s a big part of Christmas, right?

Blue Rudolph

Truth be told, this sweater obviously knows that it’s goofy (I think) – that said, we’ll gladly put this one on the list of the good, the bad AND the ugly sweaters!

Strikes 1, 2, and 3

There’s three things wrong with this picture with the the sweater being just one of the offenses. The otherwise topless man and the look-at-my-pits pose contributes the other two violations. There are some things you can’t un-see.



We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of seasonal sweaters and quilts and, for your sake, we hope you’ve learned the difference between the good, the bad and the butt-ugly.

Any of you disagree with our assessments? Would you wear “the ugly” in public? Have you seen/worn worse?

Let me know in the comments section!



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