Secret Rooms, Hidden Compartments & Mystery Doors

Secrets. Hidden. Mysteries.

These are words and ideas that can be sinister, and romantic. Sometimes, they can be both at the same time! So when these ideas incorporated into home design and interior decor, no wonder they’re so compelling!

So, here are some examples of secret spaces; whole rooms, hidden compartments, and doors that lead into areas immediately hidden from view. In the romance, the mystery, and the childhood wonder, there may be spaces here to inspire some home design planning of your own.

Secret_Rooms_Compartments_Doors copy

As important as the ideas behind the designs are, what is also true of the above is that they are practical, and they are incorporated into the spaces in a seamless way. They aren’t gimmicky. Well, maybe some of them are! But, they also work well visually, and on that practical level.

Yet, the idea of the feelings they evoke is still an important idea, beyond just the mechanics. Why is that?

Secret, hidden, mystery, childhood and adulthood

As kids, we all loved the idea of finding a secret door, or a hidden room, or a place to keep all of our treasures away from prying eyes. When we were kids, maybe the state of being an adult was not unlike some hidden room somewhere. This is a part of what we went through as our own identities began to emerge; the need to establish our own sense of place in the world, mixed with the imagination of worlds beyond us.

And even now when we’re older and the world of adulthood isn’t so mysterious, the expression of the core of great interior design remains; individuality and expression are still important to us. Secret, hidden, mysterious places like these still mark what it is that we value; a bit of the unexpected, the unique, the private, and the wondrous.

What do you think?

What makes the idea of a hidden place so compelling for you personally?

Growing up, did you have a secret space to hide your toys, or even yourself? What was it like?

What hidden doors and rooms would you find the most useful today in your current home?

How do you incorporate a sense of wonder and the unexpected in your space today?

Tell me all about it in the comments section of this post!



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