Secret Storage Solutions Under The Bed: An Infographic

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Storage solutions at home under the bed is an efficient use of space, allowing easy access to our items. Here are some examples presented in an infographic.


More storage. Better use of space. Less clutter. These are the holy grails of modern living at home in the 21st century. But, finding these solutions can be challenging, especially in a busy life. So, once again it’s our creative brains that come to our rescue by re-thinking our spaces and how we use them.

When we question conventions of how to store items at home, sometimes the answers are right under our nose, and under the rest of us, too; under the bed. For some examples of this kind of storage solution, and based on a piece we ran on the blog not too long ago, here’s a handy-dandy infographic that outlines some variations on that theme.

Take a look!

BuildDirect_SecretBedStorage_v1 copy


Your storage solutions

Is your under your bed currently used for storage, or is it an untapped resource?

What other spaces have you converted into a storage space?

Tell us your stories in the comments section of this post.

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