Secret Storage Solutions: Under The Bed

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Storage solutions can really open up the possibilities in your space. Here are a few storage ideas for the bedroom where monsters are said to lurk …


under the bed storage

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Your closets are stuffed and you can’t take two steps into your attic without tripping over a box. But have you properly utilized the space under your bed? Yank any clutter out from under there and check out these six tips for taking advantage of that space in an organized way.

Plastic bins

Since it’s hidden by your blankets, you don’t need pretty boxes or cleverly disguised bins to go under your bed. Flat plastic bins will do just fine. Use them to store extra blankets, seasonal clothing, odds and ends, art supplies, or anything else you’re not quite sure what to do with.

Shoe organizers

If you have a small closet and a lot of shoes, your under-the-bed space might be a lifesaver. A number of retailers make shoe storage designed to go under your bed. They feature dividers so each pair of shoes has a space, and they often come with a handle for easy access. Some also come with a zip top to keep the shoes from getting dusty.

Garment bags

We’re not talking the garment bags you hang in the closet, but the kind you vacuum the air out of. These types of storage bags aren’t meant for frequent access (hence the airtight seal) so they’re good for sweaters and other seasonal items that need to be protected from moths and other pests. If you’re only accessing something a few times a year (or less!), then put it in a space saver bag and stick it under the bed.

Paper storage

Photographs, old school papers, kids’ art projects, and other paper memorabilia fit wonderfully beneath your mattress. These are things that have sentimental value, so you can’t throw them away, but you also don’t need them on a daily basis. Acid-free media boxes will fit your photos and papers beautifully. Just be aware of the height of some document boxes–measure the height of your under-the-bed space before making a purchase.


How often have you had to remove everything from the hall closet to get your luggage out or tripped over all the sleds and winter stuff to drag out a hiding suitcase from the attic? If your bed is high enough off the floor, your luggage will fit nice and snug underneath. You’ll have easy access every time you take a trip, and unpacking upon returning home is much easier. Plus, you don’t have to fight your way back into the attic with those empty suitcases if they live under your bed.


If you’re looking for a new bed anyway, consider getting one with drawers underneath. If you love the frame you have already, you can put wheels on boxes in an easy DIY project, and they’ll work very similarly to under-the-bed drawers. It’ll be so much easier to pull the box out if it rolls.

Not only will storing things under your bed solve some organizational problems, but it’ll also be much easier to clean under there when all you have to do is pull out a few boxes or suitcases.


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