Selling a Home in Autumn

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Autumn is one of the best times of the year to get your house on the real estate market. There is more time for buyer’s to browse. Children are busy back in school, and there’s still enough sunlight so you don’t have to get there early to see everything.

It is no wonder then that “for sale” signs pop up at this time of year. Here are some ways to sell your house and take advantage of the fall season.

Attract the fall home buyer naturally

Emphasize the natural setting but keep it looking clean. Rake up dead leaves and trim any overgrown bushes or lawns. Be sure to clip any dead flowers but leave the stems if possible. A green space is better than an empty one.

Make sure pathways are washed clean, and that windows reflect the sunlight. It is sweater weather so any reminder of the summer sun will set a good tone.

Autumn smells bring home buyers

It’s hard to ignore the smell of baked goods at any time. On a crisp fall day it is positively irresistible. Before ushering potential buyers, or real estate agents, through your place, bake up some cookies, muffins, or loaves of bread.
Scented candles can also be a great mood enhancer. Cinnamon, vanilla and pines are some of the aromas we associate with the season. As an alternative, try putting potpourri in strategic spaces like bathrooms to produce a welcoming smell.

Fall season home staging

You can do so much with a little decorating, especially in an autumn theme. Fall oriented slipcovers are a worthy investment to sharpen the look of furniture, and properly matched throw pillows and linens really set a pleasant mood for browsers.

Lighting is important as you cannot rely on the consistency of natural lighting. Strategically place standing lamps to help enliven darker spaces, and move them throughout the day to accent what sunlight there is left. Don’t forget to choose appropriate music to get homebuyer’s in the mood. Autumn is a season of holidays and you want people to envision their families living in your house. Appeal to that through soft folksy touches.

If you need expert help, get it. An investment in a professional home stager can be well worth it when selling your home. But with some simple maintenance and modest touches, you can do on your own to convince buyers they’ve already found the home they are looking for.

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