Shade Sails and Outdoor Living In The Shade

Need a little cover from the sun in the hot summer? Got a design flair for the dramatic? Shade sails are perfect for you, then. Evoke waves along the sea while catching a tiny bit of breeze in the sail outside your home.


1. Wavy style

Notice the hard straight lines of the outside of the home? The shade sail provides an essential contrast to liven up the home. Below, imagine serving guests wine and snacks, or perhaps opening up the space as a dance floor.

Source: via Chris on Pinterest


2. Layered Sails

Need more shade? Get more sails. This look emphasizes the nautical look of your “outdoor living room”. Mix up the colors to make a fun space.


3. Take Your Sails With You

Umbrellas are so passé. Smaller mobile shade sails are great for the beach or the back lawn.


4. But Do You Have One in White?

I’m pretty sure this one sailed right out of a Caribbean rum commercial. It looks great on white sand, but white looks great pretty much anywhere.

Source: via Shades on Pinterest


5. Cut Me Some Slack

These shade sails are set up to flow in the breeze – just like you. Chill out! It’s summer.


6. Picnic Sail

Camping in the back yard. Picnics in the garden. Reading under natural light. Bring your living space even further outdoors; wherever you’ve got a tree, pole or tall fence, you can set up your shade to follow you.

Source: via Kayte on Pinterest


7. Putting It Together

The shade sails here are part of an overall Zen-like outdoor design, complete with light tiles, round black stones and bamboo rods. Whatever your theme is, ensure that the color and setup of your sail meshes with the overall look you’re trying to achieve.


Which shade sails did you like the best? Are they a good style for your home? Leave a comment!

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