Sheds and Outbuildings Extend Your Life Outside

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The humble garden shed has been a part of single-home dwellings for years. Some of us associate the shed as a flimsy metal box with a door that always sticks. But, sheds are being built to be more sturdy these days. And as such, they present a whole new source of potential to be more than their original purpose of a storage place for garden tools.

Writer Nicola Winters expands on this idea of a garden shed that can be transformed into a bona fide outbuilding, an extension of your life at home …


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The recent slump in property prices has led to many families struggling to accommodate for their expanding brood. Whilst the original plan would have been to buy and sell, households are now being forced to stay put to avoid losing out on money already invested. The number of households investing in house extensions to solve this common problem has risen dramatically in recent times; in a bid to ensure much needed extra space and comfort, and to increase the eventual overall price of the property.

Although this type of option is an advisable and desirable one, the cost involved in implementing such an extreme measure is proving too great for many families. Another easy and much cheaper alternative is to transform a practical garden shed into an additional room or storage space. This is not only easily obtainable, but a great way to enjoy both a home and a garden.

Once a shed has been fully emptied, a thorough clean is required before painting can occur. Purchasing a paint that is suitable on wooden surfaces is essential; however the color you chose solely depends on the type of space you wish to design.

There are many functions that a shed can perform other than a storage cupboard. Due to the sturdiness of sheds that are designed, complete rooms can be designed. Here are just a few ideas:

Outbuilding option A: an office

It is becoming a common occurrence for business people to be given the opportunity to work from home. Although this initially sounds ideal, the distractions felt around the house can make it extremely difficult for people to keep full concentration throughout the day. By setting up an internet connection from the house to the shed a full office, with a computer, desk and filing cabinet can be implemented into your garden. USB dongles can be purchased that allow for high speed broadband to be accessible from a certain range.

Outbuilding option B: a play house

Those with children will be all too aware of the amount of clutter and mess a child can create. With such a large amount of toys, games and books, living rooms can begin to look overly fussy with boxes stacked up in around frequently used rooms.


By choosing bright, fun and colourful colours to paint the walls, adding children’s furniture and toy boxes, an exciting play room can be created in the back garden. Not only will children be ecstatic about such a creation, parents will enjoy complete tidiness in the home.

Outbuilding option C: a music room

Practicing music groups can find it difficult to find a suitable place to rehearse. Noise pollution and space needed are just two of the many implications. By decorating the walls with musical memorabilia and posters a shed can look and feel like a genuine musical theatre. Not only that but equipment can be set up permanently; a huge convenience when considering time optimisation. This way, those in the house are able to relax whilst a band can enjoy complete

Outbuilding option D: a workshop

For those who work from home or simply enjoy their hobby of woodwork, finding a suitable place within the home to undergo carpentry activities is a challenging task. Furniture, objects and even people are at risk of becoming damaged or injured due to the dangerous nature of the art and the heavy tools that are used. Creating a workshop in the back garden is ideal for those who wish to store their projects, tools and equipment in one safe and secure place; away from vulnerable hands.

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Sheds and outbuildings can redefine your life at home

Whilst many use their garden sheds for practical reasons, storing gardening equipment, tools and other devices that are frequently used in and around the home, others simply store used and unwanted furniture, out of season clothes and other items that are yet to be disposed of. If these objects were slightly re-arranged and placed in other, secure locations, such as lofts, garages and pantries, sheds can be used as a whole new room to use and enjoy.


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