Shiny Happy People…

Like fish, a lot of people are attracted to shiny objects. Me being one of them. Bring on the bright colors and the shine and you have my attention for the next 13 seconds. But is your floor where you want to see that shine?

The most common finish for marble and granite is a polished finish. This is going to give the surface of your tile that shiny, mirror like effect. But did you know that both products also come honed (matte finish)? Marble can even be brushed or tumbled and granite can be flamed. All are impressive, but different finishes. To that same effect, the most common finish for travertine is honed. Travertine, however, can also be polished giving it a finish much like marble. A word of caution, however. As travertine is generally filled prior to polishing you will want to note that only the stone will take the polishing. The fill will not. As a result, unless you are looking for a slightly splotchy looking polish job, look at only getting polished finishes in the premium grade tiles with the least amount of fill.

For the rest of you that like shiny objects, check some out HERE.

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