Shipping for decking

On every call for decking,  I get asked about shipping and delivery,  and on every call the response is .. we can deliver just about anywhere.  There are categories of delivery that the truckers use,  these are not our rules but industry standards for the truckers.  All our decking is too long for a lift-gate, with the exception of the Kon-Tiki deck tiles that are palletized.  If you are a homeowner or contractor wanting delivery to the  job site ,  this is  classified as a “residential” delivery with extra time  allotted for you to unload the stock.  It is a manual off load, the strapping is cut and you take the boards off a couple at a time.  One lift would take 2 or 3 men about 15-20 minutes,  not a big job but one you have to be prepared to do.  And yes,  the truckers phone ahead for a delivery appointment about a day or two ahead as they will not send the truck out until that appointment has been made.

A second category is “commercial delivery” that is classified as a warehouse with a loading and unloading dock the truck can back up to.  Unloading is simply pulling the pallets out of the truck with warehouse forklifts.  There is a time and dollar saving here versus the residential delivery but not always enough to compensate.  Usually it is better to go directly to the job site unless the order is a larger volume.  ( a forklift at the job site is still a residential delivery unless you have an unloading ramp.

Our trucking partners use van type trucks for the most part,  by special order for larger volumes we can do the flat beds, usually the long haul trips do not have fork lifts and having a fork lift on site would be the buyers’ responsibilities.

Before ordering,  please make sure to clarify any questions regarding shipping and delivery,  it can be too late when the truck is coming down the street to your house.

Regards, Glen

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