Shoe Storage: Herding Shoes In Style

Being married to a shoe fanatic in a city where square footage is bought at $500 and up is a great way to learn about shoe storage options. At 136 pairs and counting, we’re managing – barely.

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Putting them under the bed isn’t an option; why have them if you can’t look at them? Besides, if they’re under there, sweeping under the bed never gets done… there are better options for storing your shoes.

Here are a few ways to do it.

High shoe shelves

Vertical space is your friend, shoe collector. Forget the bookshelves. You can’t walk around on a pair of Tom Clancy novels, can you? Try investing in some vertical shelf space. They make some great custom shoe shelves that slant forward (just like in a shoe store – fancy that) so you can display all of your favorite Jimmy Choo’s, Manolo Blahnik’s and Christian Louboutin’s to your heart’s content.

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Stackable shelving can also work very well here. As your shoe collection grows, just add another shelf until you get to your ceiling. Then, just buy the apartment above you and keep stacking…

Shoe bench storage

Under your jackets and other outerwear, you’ve got space to put some shelving under a bench. Not quite front-and-centre as you might like, but you can still see them and show them off to friends. Plus, you can actually sit down on the bench as you put on your shoes you were storing beneath, a method which is likely to result in fewer scuffed high heels and sprained ankles.

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The shoe island

No, you’re not buying an entire tropical island to house your shoes, Imelda. Assuming you’ve got the walk-in closet space you might consider installing an island of shelves, just like you can have an island in your kitchen for storing kitchenware. There are actually a fair number of options that you can purchase, though you may want to consider having something custom-built. A lot of closet islands are made for storing clothes in drawers, but again, you want to be able to show off your shoes.

Crown molding shoe storage

Yes, people do this. Imagine four to eight rows of crown molding aligned on your closet or bedroom wall (heck, why not make it the living room?) that you hang your shoes off of. Nothing beats this for show-off value, knowing that you actually built your home around your shoes. Very cool.

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Shoes over your door

This tends to only work for tall people, or for couples that include at least one tall person willing to get and replace the shoes as necessary. Add an extra ten inches or so of door frame on top so you’ve got a ledge to store those last pairs you love. Might be best to confine this little reno to your closet, rather than every door in the house… but then again, it’s your house. And it’s your shoes.

Shoes and storage space: you can never have too many or too much.

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