The Safety and Ease of Shopping from Home During COVID-19

COVID-19 is currently sweeping across the globe, creating a worldwide health crisis that’s impacting nearly everyone on the planet. While authorities grapple with how they can stop the spread of this global pandemic and flatten the growth curve, average citizens are left to figure out how they can go on with their lives while implementing new social distancing measures.

Shopping from home during COVID-19 is one of the best ways to reduce your risk of getting sick. This is true even during an average flu season, particularly for individuals with health problems who are more susceptible to falling ill. Use this guide to learn more about the benefits of shopping from home during a pandemic.

shopping from home during covid-19

Shopping from Home During COVID-19 Helps You Avoid Crowds

Your risk of getting sick goes up every time you come into contact with another person, particularly when dealing with an outbreak like COVID-19 where people may have the virus without even knowing it. You may also be passing the virus along to other at-risk members of the population even if you aren’t showing signs or symptoms of being ill yourself.

When you shop at home, you can avoid crowded stores as much as possible. While you may need to venture out to pick up groceries, cleaning products and home essentials, we can help you get the building materials and renovation supplies you need delivered to your home or job site.

In the days of social distancing, doing everything you can to minimize exposure to others, both for yourself and at-risk individuals, is essential. By shopping at home, you can still get the items you need for your house without a high level of risk.

That means that your projects can continue with minimal delays or on-schedule as usual. If you’re doing the work yourself, a home project might be just what you need to take your mind off the threat of a growing global pandemic.

The Risk of Transmission Through Packages is Low

According to information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and reported by Business Insider, the risk of COVID-19 infection through packages is very low. That’s because the lifespan of the virus is a few hours to a few days. By the time any package gets to you, there’s a good chance those potentially problematic germs will be long gone.

How do we know for sure? Because COVID-19 doesn’t survive well under standard shipping conditions where changes in temperature and humidity are nearly constant. While risk of exposure is not out of the question, receiving goods through standard shipping chains is one of the safest ways to get anything in this current environment.

The CDC also advises concerned consumer that wiping down packages with cleaning products that contain alcohol can help kill any lingering germs. A 62% to 71% ethanol alcohol solution or 0.5% hydrogen peroxide solution is recommended.

We Make Shopping from Home During COVID-19 Easy

At BuildDirect, we know that home projects often take a backseat to health precautions and caring for your family and loved ones. That’s why we’ve made it especially easy for you to get the supplies you need whenever you’re ready to return to your renovation or building project.

Here’s how we’ve made shopping for home during a pandemic easier for our customers:

  • You can order up to five free samples to see and try in your home. We offer overnight shipping on free samples, delivered right to your door.
  • We offer phone and e-mail support to all of our customers, big or small. We’re here to help ease your concerns and get the right products to you in a timely manner. Contact us here.
  • We have increased our Money-Back Guarantee from 30 days to 60 days*.
  • We have launched ‘Buy Now, Ship Later’, where we can store your floors for up to 90 days*.

For more information on our company updates during COVID-19, please see here.

A global pandemic can weigh on your mind and leave you feeling out of control. Your home renovation projects and upgrades are still within reach. At BuildDirect, we can get you the supplies you need without having to step foot in a store.

We also take your health seriously and we’re doing everything in our power to ensure that you stay safe. Do you have more questions about shopping from home during a pandemic? Reach out to our trained representatives today and we can get you the answers you need.

*Terms and Conditions apply. See here for details.

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