Show Your Soul Some Love, Pt. 1: The Importance of Unwinding

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Life-long happiness and contentment is achieved in increments, not in huge payoffs (although payoffs are nice!).  So, how can you achieve that important and healthy sense of well-being at home on a more consistent basis? The first step may be taking time to unwind, and to disconnect from the external world for a while, and finding a physical space at home to do it.


If you’ve ever treated yourself to a spa day, you know how wonderful it feels to focus on your own relaxation. Sadly, most people don’t take enough time for themselves due to cost and opportunity. But relaxation doesn’t have to happen somewhere else. You can, and should, create a soothing sanctuary of rest in your own home. Here’s why.

Relaxation makes you healthier

Creating a restful spot in your home helps you combat stress. People who experience chronic stress are six times more likely to catch colds than those who have found ways to manage their stress, according to studies at Carnegie Mellon University. Creating a restful home environment allows your body to rid itself of the toxins and heal in a timely manner.

Electronics combat relaxation

Creating a soothing environment goes beyond your paint colors and furniture arrangement. Too many people allow the stresses of work life to take over their homes through an ever-growing dependence on electronics. Electronics get invited into homes because they make our lives easier. But they can also rob us of sleep and uninterrupted family time and create an added level of stress when we’re unable to let work go and relax.

For a truly relaxing space, ditching the phone and other electronics is a great idea, at least an hour before bed each night. Doing so will provide you with a deeper level of sleep, one that will make you feel more rejuvenated and ready for the next day.

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Your home as inspiration

Your home should serve as a place to dream and find inspiration. Daydreaming is critical to the creativity process, helping with memory, and re-energizing oneself. Without downtime in your home, your mind doesn’t get the rest it needs to function at its highest level of productivity.

Outside life is stimulating enough

Messaging, noise, social media, news, and much more interrupt us all day. Because smartphone use is so pervasive, even places that used to allow for thinking, like riding a bus or walking to work, are no longer quiet spots for contemplation. We’re accessible at all times, and that sort of hyper-stimulation affects the brain’s ability to rest.

Just like our computers that need to be purged of old files, cookies, and periodically de-fragged, our minds need that same kind of clean up. Creating a space for relaxation while at home allows your brain to find the quiet it requires, and it also helps you be more present for those who are around you.

Embrace the charms of home

There are so many natural ways to relax available to us in our homes, be it time spent with a beloved pet to luxuriating in a warm bath, our homes are already a partial retreat because it’s where our loved ones are. When we’re surrounded by things that make us happy, it’s easy to find great comfort in that.

Relaxation is not a luxury. It’s essential for good mental, and physical, health. Creating a space in your home that soothes your soul and relaxes your mind and body will make you feel better, more rested, and able to take on what tomorrow has in store for you.


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