Show Your Soul Some Love, Pt 2: 7 Ways To Tranquility At Home

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Your home should be a refuge, a tranquil place. So, how do you encourage tranquility at home in your space? Here are 7 ways to get started.


Love the feeling of entering a tranquil spa? The weight of the world lifted from your shoulders as the soft soothing sounds envelop you and the lighting quiets your restless mind? There’s no reason to dream of this relaxing place when you can replicate it at home. Here’s how:

1. Change your lighting, change your Mood

One of the worst things about most offices is the harsh lighting. Fill your home with natural light by hanging sheer curtains and keeping them open as often as possible during the day. Natural light lifts our moods and warms the home.

When you do need to turn to artificial lighting, use soft lighting options such as pink bulbs. Install dimmer switches for soothing mood lighting when needed. You can also use candles to bathe a room in soft light. Everything looks better in candlelight.

2. Invite the natural inside

In addition to natural lighting, bringing other elements of nature into your home will create a soothing environment. This can include something as simple as a house plant or fresh-cut flowers, or a more costly improvement like a water feature.

All of these items appeal to the senses. A houseplant is both visually appealing and improves the quality of the air. Flowers are enjoyed by the eyes and the nose. The water feature provides a visually soothing accent to your home’s decor as well as the soothing sounds of flowing water.

3. Select a soothing soundtrack suited to your life

In addition to the soothing sounds of water, a calming music soundtrack can provide a tranquil background to your home life.  It doesn’t have to be music designed to soothe in a generic way. Sometimes, for many, that kind of thing has the opposite effect.

Choose a soundtrack that feels like home to you, that has pleasant memories attached to it. That’s one of the best things about music; it’s attached to memory, and helps you make connections to the good times in your life. Maybe that is some light classical music like Debussy’s “Girl With The Flaxen Hair“. But for you, it could also be “Sheena Is A Punk Rocker” by Ramones. Or both at different times.

4. No phone zone

Create an electronics-free zone where electronics are forbidden. This allows you to turn your focus inward and enjoy the quiet of your own thoughts. Keep electronics out of your bedroom and you’ll also have more restful sleep.

5. Create a soothing center

If you share your home with others, find a spot that is entirely yours. Decorate it as you want, furnish it with what you find comfortable, and retreat to this spot at least once a day even if it means having to wake up a few minutes early to enjoy it undisturbed.

6. Adhere to a ritual

Every day when you come home from work, partake in a ritual where you leave the day behind and focus on relaxation and family time. This could include having your favorite beverage or snack, changing into comfy clothes, meditating, or turning your phone off while you tend to things at home. This consistent moment or two will signify to your body and mind that this is now relaxation time.

7. Change the color palette

The next time you visit an interior that appeals to you, pay attention to the colors they use. There is a reason that spaces that are designed to encourage tranquility are decorated with colors found in nature – earthy browns, soothing blues, and verdant greens. If you want your space to be a soothing oasis, adopt a tranquil color scheme.

Design with you in mind

This is your home. Fill it with things that make you happy. Souvenirs, pictures of past trips or family gatherings, and favorite colors all contribute to a more pleasing environment.

Finding your quiet space is essential to maintaining good mental health and manageable stress levels. Don’t wait for your next trip to the spa. Create a soothing spot for yourself at home today.


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