Siding Round-Up!

Yee-haw! Another round-up post! This time, it’s all about siding.

This past month, we’ve talked a lot about various types of siding; advantages, characteristics, and how to buy types of siding were some highlights.  But, for a quick review, here are some of those posts with a summary for each one.

Let’s take a look.

Finding the right stone siding for you

When you’re buying stone siding, you have a number of options to review. This post talked about a number of varieties of stone siding; stone vaneer, manufactured stone, foam faux stone, and others. It also asked some important practical questions about the scale of your project, how much help you’re expecting to get with it, and how much you plan on budgeting for long-term maintenance.

Natural stone vaneer siding (Cabot "Fossil Rustic" ledge stone)

Advantages of cedar siding

When you’re looking for any kind of exterior siding material, a common balance to strike is the one between practicality, and visual effect. This post talked about how cedar siding delivers both of these, plus another key advantage that every homeowner looks for: a way to save money on energy bills through the natural insulation properties that cedar lends.

Installing cedar siding best practices

So, when you’ve decided that cedar siding is for you, the next step is to take a look at how it’s best installed. Even if you’re hiring a contractor to do the job for you, it still pays to know what the approach is, and what the scale of the job is too, so that you can have intelligent dialogue with the contractor of your choice. This post gives you a starting point.

Stained red cedar siding (Cedar West: select tight knot grade)

Repairing wood siding best practices

Maybe you’ve got existing siding that you’re looking to see to.  Or, you’re thinking of buying wood siding, and want to get the jump on what to do when it’s sustained damage. Either way, this post outlined some pointers on how to keep your wood siding looking like new.

Installing fiber cement siding

When you want the look of wood, but are looking for a siding material that requires a bit less seasonal attention, fiber cement has been a go-to solution for many years. But, how the heck do you install it? This post provides a jumping off point to give you an idea of what this project entails.

Fiber cement siding (Prima brand:"blue lava")

Stucco siding repair: 6 steps to better stucco exteriors

If you’ve got a stucco exterior, and want a brief rundown on how to revive it from the rigors of winter weather this spring, this post gives you a compact summary on where to start. This includes a list of tools and accessories, and six easy steps to begin your journey towards stucco Nirvana!

So, there you have it, everyone! When you’re thinking about exterior siding this spring, I hope this information was helpful.



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