Siding That Is Right for you: Wood vs. Stone

Siding plays a major role in the exterior appeal of your home, an integral role in the creation of the overall aesthetic, from the tradition of wood panelling to the uniqueness of multi-toned stone. It also serves the important function of protecting your home from weather and age.

Fiber cement siding

There are plenty of options between wood and stone siding. In fact, there are various types even within those categories. Let’s weigh them against each other.

 Wood & Fiber Siding

  • Offers a traditional look that will wear naturally with weather
  • Very durable, is naturally moisture-resistant with natural oils and resins
  • Naturally resistant to insect damage
  • Retains warmth in winter, keeps interior cool in summer
  • Stability: retains shape despite nailing; stains well
  • Relatively light, easy to work with


  • Needs little to no upkeep: doesn’t need
  • One of the most resilient exterior building materials
  • Insect-proof, fire-resistant, moisture-resistant, UV-repellant
  • Painted to simulate the look of wood
  • Won’t warp or crack

Rosewood new


 Stone and Faux-Stone SidingNatural Stone

  • Authentic, elegant aesthetic: subtle variation in color, no two stones alike
  • Will add more strength and stability structurally than faux stone
  • Unbeatable longevity


  • Extremely wide range of selection
  • Offers some of the lowest prices in siding
  • Lighter weight than real stone
  • Easy to install


  • Easiest and cheapest to install
  • Lightweight
  • The look of real stone at a lower price

Cabot Natural Ledge Stone - Charcoal


For a traditional appeal with natural resilience to damage, go for a wood-based sider. Choose a natural stone sider for extreme durability, or a faux-stone sider at more affordability. Take a look at our siding tips post, which shares everything from choosing the right stone sider  to installing cedar siding.

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