Sin City: Green Building Role Model

Las Vegas has quite a reputation for greed, self-indulgence, and to use an older word – sin.  Hence, its affectionate nickname Sin City.  They say what happens there, stays there.  Although in the age of Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube I’m not so sure.

On paper, you’d think that Las Vegas was the least green city in the world.  With all of the lights that burn 24/7, to the energy expended to keep the casinos, the barrooms, the clubs running around the clock, and the fact that the city is built in the desert which puts demands on buildings being constantly air conditioned, it would have been the last place on earth to embrace sustainable living, I would have thought.   But, I would have thought wrong.

Regardless, Las Vegas is a forward-thinking city when it comes to sustainability and green building.  This is so much the case that they are among many US cities that offer builders appropriate rebates on green building practices, and put strict demands on LEED silver certification on new building projects. Here’s where you can read more about the Las Vegas green building program.  Here’s hoping that large-scale green building, energy efficiency, and builders gaining financial benefits through sustainable construction, doesn’t just stay in Vegas.

For more information about what the City of Las Vegas is doing to encourage green building practices, check out the City of Las Vegas website.

Cheers, and ring-a-ding-ding


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