Six Ways to Mark the Changing Season in Your Home

Winter weather can have you feeling like you need to hide your head under a heavy wool blanket until the sun comes out again. As spring approaches, you’ll need to get your home ready for festive entertaining too. You’ll love the way your house looks and feels throughout the changing seasons in your home by making a few minor changes. Use this guide to learn more about six easy changes to make your space feel a bit more special to you and mark the changing season.

  1. Change Your Wall Art

Wall art is a big part of your home décor. As much as you might love those big, heavy oil paintings around the house, they’re not always bright, cheerful and appropriate for the winter months. While replacing all of them isn’t ideal or particularly cost-effective, opting for some summer season art is a great way to spruce up your home and mark the changing season.

When choosing seasonal art, tackle the areas where you spend the most time with your family and visitors first. For most people, this means the entry area, living room, dining room and bedroom. If you’ve got a family room, you might think about adding something a little more colorful there as well.

What works for spring and summer? Go for bright, bold pieces with lots of colors. Match your room’s color scheme, but don’t be afraid to think outside the box with pastels, neon tones and anything that catches your eye.

  1. Swap Out Heavy Curtains for Lighter Fabrics

Bulky, heavy winter curtains are great for keeping out drafts and making your living room or bedroom feel cozy. When spring comes around though, those same curtains can start to feel a bit drab. They can even block essential air flow you’ll need to keep your home cool in the morning and evening hours.

With the warm season approaching, go for lightweight, flowing curtains instead. Light linen, natural cotton and fun colorful stripes or floral prints can work wonders in any room. If you want more light control, hang sheer curtains behind a heavier option so you can find the right combination for day and evening use.

  1. Spray Paint Old Furniture

Lawn chairs, outdoor tables and that rack you always mean to put your plants on can feel a little dated against bright spring colors in full bloom. What can you do about it? Reach for a can of spray paint of course!

While you probably shouldn’t do this with you finest furnishings, it’s easy to spray paint your more inexpensive pieces pastel pink or neon green for the summer. Even a fresh coat of white spray paint can make old stuff that you were thinking about getting rid of look new and exciting again and mark the changing season!

  1. Try Different Lampshades

During the spring and summer months you’ll likely want a lot more natural light in your home. After all, you’ll have to fight pretty hard to keep it out since the sun is going to be out a lot longer each day very soon. Go ahead and embrace it and throw those curtains open so you can enjoy the sun!

Just because you’ve got the sun out more doesn’t mean you won’t want to use your floor and table lamps in the evening though. To make them blend in with your seasonal décor a new set of lampshades should be in your future.

What kind of lampshades work for the warmest part of the year? Why, colorful ones of course! If your décor won’t support bold, bright lampshades, consider crisp, clean white shades to replace more neutral options. White shades will fit with almost any home style and lamp so you won’t have any guesswork to do when it comes to your room design.

You might even love those new shades so much you keep them around all year long!

  1. Add Plants and Flowers

If you love to garden for fresh fruits, vegetables and plants you’re probably already counting down the days until spring. A lack of green thumb or garden space doesn’t have to hold you back from enjoying the bounty of the season. Why not bring some of those stylish, seasonal plants and flowers inside?

Not sure how to get those plants working with your décor? Here are a few easy ways to add your favorite varieties to your home:

  • Look for potted plants to place on entry tables, countertops and dining tables. The right potted plant can also make a great centerpiece for casual family dinners. Look for varieties that don’t require tons of water and they’ll stick around for months with very little effort on your part.
  • Freshen up each room in your home with fresh flowers. Pink, yellow, green, red and violet – those are all colors that are easy to find when you’re shopping for fresh flowers in the spring and summer. Don’t like keeping fresh flowers in the house because of pets and allergies? Go for high-quality silk flowers that give your space a seasonal look without the watering and cost.
  • Use a rack to grow potted herbs for your favorite meals. Even if you’re not a gourmet cook you can still find uses for seasonal herbs. Potted grasses also go nuts in the spring and summer and they can add a lot of color to your kitchen or bathroom if they just get a little sunlight during the day.
  1. Keep Your Fruit Bowl Seasonal

Fresh fruit, like fresh flowers, is one of the great joys of the spring and summer. This year, make a list of your favorite seasonal fruits and find a vibrant bowl you can fill. Clear glass, frosted varieties and even hand-blown options can add serious style to your kitchen, dining room table or buffet and its an easy way to celebrate and mark the changing season!

Of course, you’ll also have lots of fresh fruit to eat. That’s a big plus for your health and your taste buds!

Making your home seasonally appropriate doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult. You don’t have to spend days on your décor, either. Use these six tips to mark the changing of the seasons and you’ll enjoy every minute you spend entertaining or just hanging out with your family in your most comfortable pair of shorts and favorite t-shirt.

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