Skylight Ideas That Let the Natural Light Shine

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Adding a skylight to a room has the ability to improve most any space on multiple levels – it adds to the aesthetic appeal, it creates the appearance of more space and by letting the natural light shine in, you don’t have to have run up your electric bill.

That said, we’ve all seen a traditional skylight. But the gallery below offers a few more creative alternatives to the all-too-familiar square hole in the ceiling.

Pinhole shapes

While most skylights are oversized gaping holes that allow for a large amount of light to pass, there’s another, more subtle option. You might try creating multiple, smaller holes in the ceiling that allows a comparable amount of light to shine through – you can even get creative with the shapes!

Skylights with varied inlay

Even though this may look like a standard square skylight at first glance, look closer at the material inlays. By using a unique material on the inner faces of the skylight, as opposed to plain drywall, you can give your skylights their own personality and add yet another creative accent to the room.

Lighted terrace skylights

Just because you’re outdoors doesn’t mean you can’t still use the power of the skylight. In the case of this Kentucky country home, you’ll notice that they’ve added skylights on the terrace, in addition to the open wall, adding natural overhead light to an otherwise dim corridor.

Floor to ceiling skylight

Speaking of adding light to light, this contemporary country home has done so beautifully. Although they have floor to ceiling windows on one side of the room, they’ve gone above and beyond to seamlessly extend the windowed-walls into the ceiling, giving a near 90-degree skylight face.

The glass ceiling (the *good* kind)

Notice that there’s no shortage of natural light streaming in from above in this contemporary loft-style apartment? Well, that’s because rather than cutting a hole in your ceiling and calling it a skylight, there is always the option of making your entire ceiling one big skylight.

Stylized grid skylight

If you like the look of the glass ceiling from above but think it leaves you a bit exposed, try breaking up the open air with some deep sub-dividers. With this stylized grid (that looks to be a few feet deep), you’ll notice all of the benefits of a glass ceiling but with a surprising amount of coverage.

Circular skylights

Ignore the fact that this home has utilized natural light in every possible manner and focus on the fact that the skylight is circular. While this is a subtle variance on your average square skylight, it’s a contemporary tilt that can give your room and its skylight a whole new look and feel.


If simply changing the shape of the skylight is not enough flair for your tastes, there is always another dimension. Of course, we’re not referring to a parallel universe but the design dimensions of the skylight itself – the 2D circle can become a 3D dome to give any skylight a whole new depth.

Abstract skylights

Ignoring traditional shapes altogether, this home in Amsterdam has utilized some odd angles in creating a skylight like nothing else. While this approach may be a bit funky for some, the asymmetrical and abstract skylight solution is an artsy alternative to the mundane.

Stained glass

Continuing in the vain of artsy approaches, any skylight, regardless of the shape, can be made ultra unique by converting it into a classic stained glass window. Yes, this won’t be for everybody but when done right, a stained glass skylight could add a heavy dose of ethereal elegance to any space.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery of creative skylight ideas. Above all, we hope it has given you some ideas and shown you that a skylight doesn’t have to be a standard square.

What unusual skylights have you seen yourself? Are you the proud owner of one? Tell me all about it in the comments section!


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