Small Balcony Ideas for Apartments and Condos

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Whether you live in a condominium in the city or a small apartment, it can be difficult to maximize outdoor space. Having a balcony gives you a bird’s eye view of the landscape, and it’s a perfect way to relax outside and entertain guests outdoors. From a beautiful balconette to a large veranda, there are plenty of creative small balcony ideas you can try to make this part of your home welcoming and unique. Read on to discover some balcony ideas that will inspire you to give your condo or apartment a makeover.

Upgrade Your Flooring

small balcony ideas flooring
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If you live in an apartment, it’s important to make a small balcony feel more like an extension of your home. You can do this by installing new flooring that creates a seamless look between the inside and the outdoors. One way to do this is by choosing a flooring material that can handle being outdoors. Consider composite decking tiles if you’re renting your space. This durable material resembles the look of real wood, and it holds up fabulously to all kinds of weather for long-term use. Composite tiles are super-simple to install and just as easy to remove when you’re ready to move out.

small balcony ideas flooring
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If you own your condominium, try some gorgeous porcelain tiles for your balcony area. Porcelain is extremely sturdy, comes in a myriad of trendy colors and styles, and it’s suitable for use in almost any climate, as long as the tiles are installed the proper way. Not only do porcelain tiles look stunning, but they’re also highly water-resistant. Top your new flooring with a stylish outdoor area rug to give it a pop of color and texture. The rug will also protect your floors from getting scuffed or damaged.

Get Privacy on Your Balcony

Communal living has a few advantages, but a lack of privacy can be a drawback for many. To make your balcony more comfortable, try installing a covering that can be opened or closed as you desire. Roller blinds are great if you need to adjust the amount of light or privacy to your specific needs. Not only will roller blinds make it easy to get privacy, but they also help filter out sunlight to keep your balcony and your apartment cooler. Sheer curtains are another great option, and they’re easy to change depending on your desired style. Removable shutters can also give you an excellent level of privacy while adding a timeless and stylish look to a small balcony area.

Make Yourself Comfortable with Furniture

small balcony ideas furniture

When it comes to small balcony ideas, furniture should be at the top of your list. Consider furniture that folds down for easy storage or for whenever you need a little extra room on your balcony to entertain. Bistro sets are a fantastic option and typically include a small round table and two chairs. Pay close attention to the material of your balcony furniture. Metal looks beautiful, but it can also be extremely hot when it sits in the sun for long periods of time. Instead, try something made of rattan or woven wicker for a cooler surface.

Before you invest in furniture for your balcony, measure the space carefully. Choose pieces that will fit easily in your balcony without completely overtaking the available space you have. You should also think about how often you plan to use your new furniture. If you have a beautiful view, choose furniture that you’ll want to sit on while enjoying a cup of coffee, eating al fresco, or just relaxing with a great book in the sunshine. Pick chairs with thick, comfortable cushions if you expect to sit out on your balcony for long stretches of time. Outdoor poofs are a fun alternative to traditional furniture. They’re lightweight, colorful, and easy to move in and back outside on your balcony as you need them.

Create a Balcony Garden

You don’t need to have a whole backyard to enjoy a luscious garden. Look for plants that enjoy a lot of sunshine, and fill pots or wooden planters with vines, greenery, and flowers. Even if your balcony is small, you can make the most of your available vertical space. Hang baskets from the balcony overhang or add some cool wall-mounted planters and fill them with succulents and other plants. You can even create an awe-inspiring plant wall that will add lush greenery as well as tons of visual interest to your balcony area.

Here are some more small balcony ideas that will inspire you to grow your very own miniature garden:

urban vegetable garden balcony
  • Look for your plant hardiness zone. Choose plant life that will grow healthily according to your location.
  • Start small. Only grow a few plants until you feel comfortable with watering schedules and other care practices.
  • Mix and match pots to create an eclectic space. Think clay terracotta pots placed beside sleek, concrete planters.
  • Install a window box near your balcony if you have an available window. Fill the box with vines, flowers, or herbs for an instant garden.
  • Create a container garden. If your balcony is extremely small, take one big planter and fill it with similar plants like a variety of cacti or succulents to create a miniature garden in just one container.

Brighten up Your Balcony with Lighting

Entertain or relax outdoors at night with some unique lighting. String lights are a great alternative to a bright floodlight, and you can hang them under a small patio umbrella or attach them around the door frame. Fairy lights are also a lot of fun and will add a whimsical look along with subtle light. If you need a bit more, consider solar-powered lanterns or sconces to make your balcony bright and vibrant. Avoid using candles on a small balcony as it increases the risk of fire. Instead, look for battery-powered LED candles that include a realistic, flickering feature. Remote-control candles and other lights let you change colors and patterns with the push of a button. No matter where you live, try these small balcony ideas to help you make the most of your petite outdoor space.

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