Small Bathroom Ideas: Make The Best Out Of Your Powder Room

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Powder rooms have tons of design potential, if only you’d give them a little attention! Take a look at these small bathroom ideas to ignite your imagination.


Powder rooms must be the most unloved room in a home. It’s small, has pretty much just one use, and is often an afterthought, decor wise. People just leave it as is, because who cares about decorating a room that you spend so little time in?

Well, I say, the powder room actually has the most decor potential. Its size makes it easy to pick a theme, and you don’t get lost in trying different things in the same space. You can use it to play with bolder, crazier styles, since nobody spends more than a few minutes at a time in it. To me, it’s the space where you can really use your imagination and creativity to experiment with stunning styles.

10084293-Fusion Blend ebony-pattern-room

Kaska Mosaic Tile – Fusion Blend Pattern Series of glass and stone wall tile mosaics “Ebony Pattern”

So, here is, element by element, how to make the best out of your powder room.

The walls

A powder room can handle one, or many, colorful and flashy walls. Because it’s so small, it won’t seem overwhelming. So grab the funky wallpaper you just love but can’t put in your bedroom. Or paint that jewel tone mural you’ve always wanted to have.

Powder rooms handle bold patterns very well. Whether you put it on an accent wall only or on every wall will make a difference… but not a big one. Patterns that a are bit softer will do better on larger surfaces, if super-bold isn’t your style.


“Iridescent Ivory” Glass mosaic wall tile from BuildDirect, providing neutral colors with dynamic visual interest at the same time. This is not to mention the low maintenance practicality aspect.

Tile is another option for a powder room. Although it doesn’t deal with the same amount of humidity, you can still use it as an accent: backsplash, line around the room, the wall behind the vanity. Because the powder room is so flexible, you can let your imagination roam freely here.

You can also use an interesting veneer or wall paneling for interesting textures. Want a rustic-looking powder that seems like it’s been taken off a boat or a barn? Use something like the Grafton Barn Wood in Driftwood Western Red Cedar. You can produce plenty of interesting effects with a mix of wall paneling, paint and wallpaper.

The vanity

The vanity is probably the most visible piece of furniture in the powder room. And even if it’s small, it might look imposing if your powder room is on the small side.

If you like a big looming vanity, that’s fine. But you can play with dimensions and shape here: try a vanity that ends just short of the wall on either side. Or install a sink on a pedestal and forgo the vanity altogether; this will make the room seem bigger and airier.


“Napoli” Pedra label granite vanity top from BuildDirect.

Just as with the walls, you can also have fun with colors. Paint your vanity something other than white. Get a brown or gold or black sink, a sink made of wood, a sink made of stone. Play with textures and shapes.

The toilet

Well, we MUST talk about the toilet. Because it’s the biggest reason that your powder room exists.

Sure, the typical white toilet will do. But you can actually do so much more with it. Toilets come in different colors and different styles. Try a tankless (or tank-in-the-wall) toilet for a clean, minimal look that will give you more space. Or go retro with a chain flush high-tank toilet.

What we do on the throne may not be pretty, but the throne itself can be!

Accessories and hardware

To add flair to your powder room, add a statement mirror. Mirrors are a really cool way to express style and personality, and it’s easy to find a framed mirror that’ll fit your idea of a perfect powder room.

Choose the right hardware for the style: retro, modern, traditional, industrial. Or go crazy and mix and match according to your whim of the moment. It’ll definitely make for an interesting space.

Your space will dictate whether there’s space for shelves or other decorative elements. But don’t overburden the space: it’s small enough as it is. Go for posters and art instead.

The perfect powder room

The perfect powder room is the powder room you decorate yourself. It doesn’t really matter what you do, as long as it expresses who you are. And because the space is so little used, you can push your own decor boundaries and do something a little bolder than you’d usually go for.

What’s your experience decorating powder rooms? Let us know in the comments!

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