Smart Furniture Placement For Easy Interior Design Transformations

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Furniture arrangement can have a transformative effect on your living spaces. Here are some ways to approach furniture arranging to make them look like new.


If you’ve lived in your home for a year or two, you’re probably already thinking about what parts of your living space you’d like to change or style differently. For many people, a major home renovation isn’t a practical solution to a tired, lifeless space.

But a low-cost option for transforming your space is possible: rearranging your furniture using smart design principles and adding a few well-chosen accessories along the way. Here they are.

Find your focal point

Every room has a focal point. That focal point may be a stone fireplace, a big TV, a lovely piece of art, or even a gorgeous window view. Your furniture and design elements should be oriented around the focal point.

For rooms where the TV is the star, be sure your furniture is placed at the best viewing distance. Many interior specialists recommend three times the diagonal measurement of the screen. If you have a 55-inch TV, arrange couches and chairs about 14 feet away.

Use rugs to anchor furniture groupings

Rugs are more than protection for your floors. Rugs are logical, attractive anchors that define a space and give structure for furniture arrangements. For conversational groupings in living and family rooms, choose a rug large enough for your coffee table, extending out to at least the front legs of your couches and chairs.

Yanchi Area Rugs - Recycled Paper Shag

Yanchi Area Rugs “Recycled Paper Shag” from BuildDirect.



Arrange your furniture in symmetry with the edges of the rug, with longer pieces along the horizontal edges and smaller chairs and tables on the vertical edges.

Consider how you use a room

For some homeowners, the family room is a space for board games and conversation. For others, the space is TV and entertainment central. Arrange your furniture to accommodate the traffic patterns and overall purpose of the room. A multipurpose family room next to the kitchen might have a furniture cluster oriented around a TV and media center, and another smaller grouping of two cozy chairs and a small dining table for casual meals, board games and crafts.

Prioritize the largest piece

Finding the perfect place for the largest piece of furniture simplifies the process of placing other accent pieces and accessories. In the bedroom, the bed takes precedence. In a living room or family room, the sofa is often the priority piece.

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In some rooms, a desk, table or large modular wall unit commands attention. Experiment with placement and don’t be afraid to try an unusual angle or diagonal, especially in today’s modern geometric rooms. Once you’ve placed the largest piece, experiment with smaller pieces and accents until you find a cohesive arrangement that matches the room’s design and function.

Feel brand new

Rearranging your furniture is the easiest way to transform the appearance and function of a room. In fact, a new furniture layout can make your home feel brand new. Once you’ve found the most attractive furniture arrangement, shop for attractive, inexpensive, and colorful accents and accessories to emphasize the room’s best features: artwork, lighting, rugs, and throw pillows all add ambience to your home.

When you’re a ways away from that pricey renovation, embrace smart furniture placement for a new look you’ll love in the meantime.


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