Solar Energy Round-up

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Photo: Undertow851, via Solar Dynamics Observatory

When Ronald Regan removed Jimmy Carter’s solar panels from the White House in the early 1980s, he said more research was in order before solar could be used. I knew this was BS. Solar has been powering satellites and providing power on our spacecraft since the ’60s, according to NASA.

Solar energy: fast-growing

Solar energy is one of the fastest growing industries today, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA). Manufacturers, installers, investors and the general public are beginning to realize that the sun is a free and plentiful source of energy worldwide.

About photovoltaics technology

Solar PV (photovoltaics) creates electricity from the sun, and solar thermal heats water. The sun has passively been heating our dwellings for thousands of years. Read how PV works.


Photo: Anders Sandberg

Solar hot water heater

I installed solar hot water at my house a few years ago. Natural gas is now my back-up fuel, since the sun heats my water. The system will pay for itself in six years, so this is the best investment I ever made. How does solar thermal work?

Solar energy in the news, in our culture

The biggest news in solar recently is Solyndra filing for bankruptcy recently. How does this affect the international industry?

Kids can learn about solar power education, through hands-on projects, coloring books and classroom lessons.


Photo: cbransto

Pay attention to the solar industry. It will be a major source of power around the world once the economy pulls itself together!

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