Space Saving Furniture: Nesting, Hiding And Piling

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nested side tables and sofa

Small spaces  are great for minimal living, but what about all that furniture? Check out our nesting, stacking and hiding furniture ideas.


When you live in a small space, you often need to choose between space and functionality. Keeping furniture small and un-intrusive might make you feel like you have more space, but eventually you realize that so little space is impractical for all your stuff.

There are a few solutions to this conundrum: either you get rid of things (which is a good solution), or you can find a way to cram more practical objects in the same amount of space.

Enters nesting, hiding and piling furniture. Need just one table for your coffee? You got it. Having guests over and need more space for magazines, tea and nibbles? Pull out the nesting tables from under. Same with chairs. Need just one? Pile the others in the corner. People over? Take them down temporarily.

Here are some of my favourite nesting, hiding and piling pieces of furniture to help you have more space when you’re alone, and more practical furniture when you need it.

Nesting tables

Obviously, the first one on my list is nesting tables. I like them because they come in all sizes, styles and colors: square, rectangle, circle, even triangle; glass, metal, wood, marble; all the colors of the rainbow, and then some.

The great thing with nesting tables is that you can use as little or as much as you need under the circumstances. Put them all together for a minimum space footprint for your daily use; pull them out when you need more space to work or to host guests.

Contemporary Living Room by Toronto Photographers Lisa Petrole Photography

Piling chairs

In my house, we have two kitchen chairs–mostly because we don’t have space for a full 4-chair seating. I wish we had bought piling chairs, though: they would have come in handy when I hosted a Christmas party.

Piling chairs are cool pieces of design. They fit one on top of the other and yet take the same space of a single chair. They’re awesome for schoolrooms and meeting rooms, sure, but what about keeping a few in your home as well too? You can sit expected (and unexpected) guests around the table instead of on the floor!


A bed and a couch, together at last. This isn’t a new piece of furniture, but I’ve seen lots of really interesting takes on the sofa-bed recently. Some models even have storage space for the extra bedding!

If you live in a studio, the sofa-bed is possibly the most practical piece of furniture you can have. Open it up as a bed to sleep, and close it up for comfortable seating. Many mattress companies now make high-quality mattresses for sofa-beds, so you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for convenience.

Contemporary Bedroom by San Francisco General Contractors Gelling & Judd Inc.

Nesting lounging kit

While surfing the web, I found this awesome modern nesting lounging kit by designer Karim Rashid. The kit includes a lounging chair, an ottoman and a side table.

When nested together, the three pieces all fit within the lounging chair. Put two kits together, and you get a cube that you can put against the wall.

I love both the form and the function of this kit. When the furniture is stacked, you can even keep magazines and papers in between the pieces!

Stacking drawers

Although the furniture was meant for children, I can totally see it used for an adult room as well. These stacking drawers by Landscape Products makes your life easier by letting you stack up to 3 double-drawers to make a full commode.

Need more horizontal space? Put them side to side instead of on top of each other. This is the perfect solution for those who like to change their layout on a regular basis.

Nesting/stacking outdoor furniture

We don’t have much space in our backyard–a few square feet of grass with a small concrete patch. So there’s not much space to keep lots of big, comfy outdoor furniture.

But then I found this: these modern, super well designed outdoor furniture sets that nests together into a square, nest or obelisk. All of them include four lounge chairs and a table. Perfect to impress your guests at your next barbecue party!

Nesting magic

In this world where urban living is getting denser and denser, it makes sense for designers to come up with great ideas for nesting, stacking and hiding furniture. Use what you need, when you need, and put it out of sight when you’re done.

Have you used this kind of furniture before? Tell us about your thoughts and your experiences!

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