Splish splash I was taking a bath – Travertine Surrounds


So your floors are done, now what to do about that tub surround? Travertine mosaics, well any stone mosaics really, add a unique touch to any tub surround or wall surface. Mosaics range from the standard 1″x1″ pieces to extremely intricate works of art as you can see from some of the pictures above. Obviously, based on the texture, these are designed for walls rather than floors.

Stone moldings often make a great break between standard tiles and mosaics or as a cap piece when doing wall pieces. Notice the use of the Ogee Classic molding in the picture below.

Finally, an interesting touch, and often a focal piece in a room is the stone medallion. Medallions are large, often round mosaics depicting designs or even pictures made from small pieces of stone. They can be used in conjunction with tile, or in my case, we inlaid it into our strand woven bamboo floor. Bet you can’t guess where this next picture is from.


Yes, that is in a double wide trailer. Classes the joint up a bit don’t you think? Anyone that comes down to the trailer in the summer is always amazed. Something like this is sure to make that special lady feel like Sammy Kershaw says, the “Queen of My Double-wide Trailer!”

For those of you that liked that clip, you should check out one of the greatest song writers and storytellers Canada has ever produced: Ian Tyson.

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