Spring Backyard Preparation Tips

Spring time represents a great awakening when it comes to outdoor living. Here are  some ideas on how to prep your backyard this spring the eco-friendly way thanks to guest writer Tina Hamilton.

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Spring is finally here! Time to dust off the rakes and hoes and get back into your neglected yard for some much needed refurbishing. However, whether your family already practices green living in other aspects of your lives, or you are new to the green movement, spring is the perfect time to turn over a new leaf and start implementing more green practices into your family’s lives.

Especially if you are just staring out with green initiatives, or even if you are a pro when it comes to reducing waste in your home, tackling the backyard is intimidating every time the snow melts. Fortunately, there are some easy and painless ways to go green all by yourself, and maybe with the help of your family, to make your backyard use a little more efficient. Here are some ways you can make your backyard a little greener this spring.

Treat your grass naturally

The lawn is the first thing on everyone’s mind when it comes time to do outdoor spring maintenance. The process usually involves tilling, which takes away the top layer of soil causing erosion, and filling your yard with chemical fertilizer to regrow what grass was lost over the winter.

This year, create a smaller footprint on Mother Earth and skip the till and just go over your yard with a rake to pull up any dead grass while keeping the soil intact. You can also use more natural alternatives to chemical fertilizers to give your grass the jump start it needs. Coffee grounds have been said to work well at enriching the soil and fertilizing flowers. After you are finished with your morning coffee, sprinkle the old grounds over your yard to give the grass a little pick-me-up. Repeat one a week if needed. This alternative is safer for pets, kids and the environment.

Save energy as you go in and out

It is a very common occurrence in the summer for families to be running in and out of the house to the backyard. This can waste a lot of energy, especially in the hot summer months when the air conditioning is turned all the way up inside the house.

Create a more efficient way to get from the house to the backyard easily that wastes less energy. Use spiral staircase kits outside the home to provide easy access to the upper level of the home from the yard. Build a small, covered patio outside the home to provide some shade. Keep a fridge with the essentials in a room that is sealed off from the rest of the house, not using its energy, to keep kids satisfied while they play. This could even be in a shed or garage detected from the home.

Give the garden another go

A garden is one of the best ways to reduce your waste and spend quality time with your family outside. You can plant foods and herbs that your family uses regularly, saving money and creating less waste in packaging.

Use the same no-till and fertilizer practices for the lawn, saving the soil from erosion and chemicals. Save rainwater to use in your garden instead of using the sprinkler and use mulching to hold in that moisture. There are brands available of mulch that use sustainable forestry practices.


Tina Hamilton is an established journalist, blogger and aspiring gardener. She enjoys and and every type of flower and can frequently be found tending to her flower gardens with her Boxer puppy, Joe. You can follow her on Twitter.



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