Spring Cleaning Projects That Take Less Than 20 Minutes

When you imagine spring cleaning you probably plan for at least a weekend of around the clock tidying, scrubbing and straightening. While the all-at-once approach might work for some people, spending whole days of your life cleaning certainly isn’t much fun by anybody’s standards. What if you didn’t have to work in 12-hour shifts to get your home looking good for spring though?

Use this guide to tackle a few spring cleaning projects you can take care of in less than 20 minutes each. That way you can fit cleaning tasks in between appointments or when you find yourself with a few spare minutes on your hands. It’s guaranteed to be a whole lot less painful than a solid day of cleaning too.

Sanitize the Sinks

Spring Cleaning

Dirty dishes with burned on food, coffee cups with espresso stains and plates covered in the remnants of eggs, veggies and pasta sauce can all leave your sink looking a little worse for wear. While a basic cleaning once in a while can keep your sink looking shiny, there may be germs and bacteria lurking that you just don’t want in your home.

Sanitize your sink as part of your spring cleaning routine. Here’s how you can do it in under a half hour:

  • Start by giving your sink a quick scrub with soap and water. You can use a dish sponge and discard it when you’re done.
  • Spray the inside of your sink with vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Go for the vinegar first, then finish up with a mist of hydrogen peroxide right out of the bottle. Let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Rinse and enjoy! If you’ve got a stainless steel sink, you can finish up by rubbing a few drops of mineral oil into the basin with a soft cloth.

Go on Dishwasher Duty

Spring Cleaning

Your dishwasher is a go-to appliance, and if you’re like most people, you don’t know what you’d do without yours. Wash all of those dishes by hand? Yikes!

While the dishwasher might make your life easier, it’s also a haven for food particles, grease and grime. Here’s how you can quickly turn back the clock on your dishwasher and make it look new again:

  • Wipe down the outside. Use stainless steel cleaner or simple mix of soap and water and a microfiber cloth.
  • Use a little baking soda on a sponge to wipe down the inside of your dishwasher. This will help get rid of stuck on food.
  • Use 1/4-cup bleach in your empty dishwasher. Run a full cycle and let the dishwasher dry. It’ll be sparkling clean and free from bacteria like E.coli.

Toss Out Old Beauty Products

Shampoo bottles, soaps you got from your favorite hotel, makeup, makeup brushes and that rarely worn deodorant that just doesn’t smell as good as you hoped it would are just a few of the beauty products that clog up most people’s countertops. Now is the time to get rid of them!

To tidy your bathroom, grab a trash bag and go hunting for items you haven’t used in the last six months. That’s a good sign that you’re not going to use them, and in the case of products that touch your skin, a sign that bacteria may be present. Toss ’em today and you’ll have a cleaner, healthier bathroom in minutes.

Tidy Your Bedroom

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Your bedroom is supposed to be a space where you can unwind from a long day and get some much-needed sleep. For too many people though, the bedroom becomes a zone of chaos full of dirty laundry, knick-knacks, unread books and stacks of magazines. Tidy your bedroom and banish clutter with these simple tips:

  • Go around your bedroom and pick up items that don’t belong. Use something like a cardboard box so you can gather everything at once.
  • Straighten up surfaces. Got magazines from last year on your bedside table? What about a drawer full of receipts from your wallet or purse? Clear your surfaces and wipe them down.
  • Put your furniture back in place. This one might seem obvious, but many people don’t recognize how their furniture can drift just a little from the ideal spot over the course of a few months. Straighten rugs, fix crooked nightstands and make sure your armoire, TV cabinet and dresser are straight and not positioned right up against the wall. That actually makes your room look smaller and more cramped.
  • Tackle the final tasks like laundry. Clean your bedding, vacuum rugs and give those curtains a little love.

Dig Deep Behind the Furniture

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You’ve strained your bedroom and tackled tough tasks like the dishwasher. Now all of the dust, dirt and debris is gone, right? Think again. There’s still some lurking behind your furniture.

To get rid of it, go from area to area or from room to room and pull furniture away from the wall, getting a little help from a friend or family member if you’re dealing with heavy pieces. Then, you can vacuum up any big dust clouds or bits of pet hair.

Don’t forget to sweep off those base boards while you’re at it. They’re a commonly forgotten spot where dust and dander can live for years.

Clean Your Electronics!

Your smartphone, laptop, tablet and TV remote practically live in your hand. Even that TV that’s mounted on the wall or positioned on top of a cabinet or stand can collect some serious dust. Giving them a quick clean can make your home look better and make you less likely to get sick in the case of handheld electronics.

Here’s how to go about cleaning your big and small electronics:

  • Use cleaning wipes designed for electronics for your phone screen, tablet and laptop. These work on most TV screens as well.
  • Use a duster to reach the tops of audio and video components that live in a cabinet.
  • Opt for a microfiber cloth to clean your television frame or larger electronics. A very lightly damp cloth can be helpful if you’ve got electronics with lots of stuck on grime, but avoid using wet cleaning products.
  • Give your electronics a quick buff with a dry microfiber cloth. You’ll avoid leaving streaks and spots on screens or displays if you use cleaning wipes or a lightly damp cloth.

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to be an all-week affair. Use these tips to take care of spring cleaning in manageable bursts so you don’t burn out. Cleaning in short, more focused spurts also generally results in a better, deeper clean, which if you’re lucky, means less maintenance cleaning down the line!

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