Spring Cleaning Round-Up!

Flowers in spring on the hawthorne tree

Photo: Garry Knight

We’ve spent the month of May, and the early part of this month talking about ways to get your spring cleaning done, with the idea that the big spring clean isn’t just about a list of chores to do. It’s about reclaiming your space from clutter, about  redefining your space, and about getting a fresh start as warm weather approaches. Really, spring cleaning is just another way to transform your space.  And that’s what this blog of ours, and what BuildDirect as a company, is all about.

So, just to recap, here’s a selected list of some of the posts you’ve seen here on that touches on the big spring clean.

Spring cleaning checklists

When you’re starting on a project, sometimes writing it down can make it seem a bit less overwhelming. And that’s certainly the thread running through this post, helping you to narrow down what needs to be tackled to get you where you need to be for a new season.

Spring cleaning game plan

And along with lists, when you’re taking on the big spring clean, you need to be able prioritize too. Every campaign needs a game plan, and this post helped you to start thinking about yours.

Spring cleaning with kids

Transforming your space involves everyone in your house, even the children. This post helped you figure out how to involve your kids in cleaning your home, and how to give them a sense of ownership and a feeling of pride in the place they call home.

How to make spring cleaning fun

Motivation on any big job is important. Here were some pointers on how to balance a big job with a big payoff, beyond the satisfaction of transforming your space.

Spring cleaning and pets

Even your four-legged family members need to be taken into account when you’re spring cleaning. This post talked about ways to see to a more thorough spring clean with your pets in mind, and how to see to the health of your pet at the same time.

How to eliminate household odors

With pets in mind, just as a for instance, reducing and eliminating household odors is not just a once-a-year pursuit, but rather a series of strategies all year around.  This is what you read about here in this post, with an emphasis on green solutions and inexpensive answers to this perennial problem.

How to reduce dust in your home

Another perennial problem of course is that of dust, and the issues that it can cause.  This post tackles that problem, with a framework for you to identify problem areas in your home, and ways to eliminate dust build-up.

Choosing green cleaners for spring cleaning

Meanwhile, over on the BuildDirect green blog, we talked a bit about the history of green cleaning products, what you WON’T find in them, and how to make them yourself.

Colorful rhododendrons and azaleas in full bloom in peaceful woodland walks at Leonardslee Gardens, West Sussex, UK

Spring is a time of renewal in nature. Why not mirror that in your home? Photo: UKGardenPhotos

BuildDirect de-cluttering series

De-cluttering is a huge subset of tasks when you’re spring cleaning. This three-part series taught you how to think about the task, and how to do it efficiently.

Yard sales and how to have them

A big part of spring cleaning and de-cluttering too is clearing out the old. Sometimes, this means making way for the new. Or sometimes, just making more space, and greater peace of mind. But, either way, this post discussed the starting points of having a successful yard sale, to clear that space and make a few pennies while you’re at it.

De-clutter by donating

Sometimes, you can turn your impulse to clear your space toward your other impulse to give to a good cause. That’s what this post talked about; getting these two items off of your list at the same time.

We hope that all of these posts were helpful. And we hope that the upcoming summer will be a time when you can make the memories you’ll look back fondly on in the years to come, as you continue to transform your spaces.

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