Spring Decor: Refreshing, Simple Changes

After the cold, dreary winter months, spring is a welcome season: The smell of fresh air and the beautiful colors that peek out of the ground as flowers begin to bloom. It has always been my favorite season to dust off the cobwebs, throw open the windows, and add a bit of sunshine to my decor. Without going wild on completely redecorating or breaking the bank from season-to-season, I came up with a three easy ways to refresh my home’s decor to celebrate the beauty of spring.

Spring colors lighten up your decor

Dark fabrics and slipcovers get replaced every spring with lighter and brighter ones. I especially love to take down the heavy curtains and replace them with white, lacy sheers under pastel panels. It is a great way to bring a romantic and soft look into the room with very little effort.

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As always, I clean and store the curtains and slipcovers from season to season so that I do not have to rush out and buy new ones four times a year. Using a vacuum bag that compresses them and then placing them in a plastic storage tub is an easy way to keep them clean and free of debris.

Natural wreaths for spring decor

Indoor wreaths are another one of my favorite decorating tricks. The bright, cheerful yellow in hyacinths is the perfect pick-me-up for my tired decor by the time March rolls around. Using a plain branch wreath form, I hot glue a length of artificial hyacinth vine around it to create a much less expensive, but equally as attractive spring wreath as the ones they sell at the craft stores.

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The happy bursts of color then get hung with a wide, bright yellow polka-dot ribbon on interior doors and walls. Do not forget to perk up the powder room with one of these cheerful accessories.

“Growing up”

There is something special about watching things grow and there is no reason why you cannot include that in your home’s decor. In small, pastel colored pails, add some potting soil and clover or grass seeds. Line your coffee table with them or place them on a windowsill or mantel.


Watching the grass grow is not only fun and relaxing, but it is also a great science experiment for your small children. Bringing the outdoors inside is always a wonderful way to incorporate the seasons, so if growing grass is not your thing, try adding a vase of cut flowers or tulips in a pot.

Celebrate spring with your decor

Celebrating spring is a like a gift to your home’s decor. It wakes it up and gives it new life and purpose after a long winter. The cheerful colors and fresh decor will make you and your family smile too. There is nothing better than a happy home filled with touches of nature and spring colors to bring cheer to your life. Remember, spring is a time of renewal and you owe it to your tired decor, and your family to shake things up and add a bit of happiness to the home.

Jessica Ackerman is a freelance writer and works for WallDecorandHomeAccents.com. She shares her wealth of knowledge on sculptures and wrought iron wall decor.

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