Spring Home Trends To Watch

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The modern home is always changing. Here are some spring trends to watch and consider this year.


If you haven’t updated your interiors in a while, now’s a great time to do so as winter winds down and spring will soon be in the air. Take a look at these spring home trends to get you out of those winter doldrums and into something new and exciting.

Open it up

The trend of an open floor plan continues to grow in popularity. As families are more and more distracted from one another because of their dependence on electronics, open floor plans allow members to occasionally look up and realize their families are, indeed, nearby.

Homes with open floor plans will continue to gain in popularity, and many renovations will involve knocking down existing walls for a more open feel.

Embrace the color of the year

Every year Pantone.com names a color of the year. This year it’s Marsala, and you can expect designers to incorporate this rich wine hue into almost everything from clothes to makeup, throw pillows to wall colors. It makes a bold statement and demands to be noticed.

Homes get smarter

Smart programming of thermostats and light control from mobile devices at a distance have been available for several years, but only now are the prices becoming affordable for the average homeowner. Whether it’s an interest in saving electricity or increasing security, more people will be remotely controlling the functions within their homes.

Here comes the sun

Another technology that is becoming more affordable are solar panels. With the drop in cost, you can expect to see more homeowners fitting their homes with solar arrays. They’ll be doing something helpful for the environment and their wallets.

Death of the (traditional) home office?

A few years ago, home offices were all the rage. Even people who never worked from home had dreams of a home office. Today, mobile computing has become more widespread. People access their smart phones and tablets more often than they do their computers when they’re at home.

Because of this change in preferred devices, we’re less likely to see the need for a home office and giant desk. The traditional home office is bound to morph into a more efficient, and more flexible space.

Dueling master suites

With more people living as sandwich generations in their homes – between an elderly parent and adult children – you’ll see more residences being designed with multiple master suites.

Homemade or nearly so

Etsy and Pinterest have experienced surges in popularity and previously “non-crafty” people are now creating DIY masterpieces. Faux finishes, items used in new ways, and handcrafted pieces are gaining in popularity thanks to these sites.

Sleep takes center stage

The importance of sleep has been widely talked about this past year. Expect to see more luxury bedding, black-out curtains, and other items that claim to deliver a better night’s sleep increasing in popularity.

Energy efficiency sells

Home buyers are becoming more and more interested in energy-efficient appliances, windows, and other environment and cost-savings options in homes.

Sectionals take it

Gone are formal living spaces. Family friendly, casual, and comfy are the words that matter to today’s families. Sectional seating provides the ultimate in lounging.

Matching spaces to real lives

Today’s homes are all about function and how the features fit the way the homeowners live. This is one guiding trend that we’ll see well into the future.


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