Springtime Spruce Up: Yard Work Projects And Exterior Maintenance Tips

Regular home maintenance

Spring cleaning is not just for the inside of your house! Regular home maintenance when it comes to yard work and exterior touch ups keep your property in top shape. 


It is so refreshing to get outside in the yard when the weather warms and melts the snow! Before the heat and busy days of summer, do some clean up and repair work just before spring. Here are some helpful suggestions on the kind of outdoor living, landscaping, and exterior projects you can start with this season.

Garden chores

Get your summer equipment ready. Tune up the lawn mower and roto tiller. Sharpen shovels and hand tools. Clean out the shed or garage, and organize it so you don’t waste time looking for things you need.

Prune deadwood from trees, cut back perennials, and add compost to flower and vegetable beds. Rake leaves off the lawn to allow air to the roots. Rake up thatch, the dead grass that has fallen to the ground. Add compost to bare spots, and reseed, and give the lawn a dose of fertilizer.

Straighten and repair trellises and arbors. Touch up with stain or paint as needed.

Regular home maintenance

Every gardener and backyard tender needs a base. This is an 8′ x 8′ The Gardener’s Wooden Cedar Shed in the Cedar For Life brand series from BuildDirect.

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Around the yard

Level stones and flagstone in walkways, and add gravel where it’s been shoveled away with the snow. Check for damage on the patio, too. Replace stones or bricks that are broken.

Scrape, and paint or stain fencing. Repair or replace rotted pieces of a wooden fence. Scrub a vinyl fence, and give a chain link fence a hard spray from the hose.

Pressure wash the driveway. Check for cracks and holes, and fill them with special driveway tar. You might need to give the whole driveway a topcoat of seal. If you have a gravel driveway, rake back the gravel that the snowplow removed.


Pravol Dura-Shield Ultratex “Ipe” hollow grooved composite decking is designed to be low maintenance. All you need is a broom, a hose, and a dry mop.

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Sweep and vacuum your deck to remove dead leaves and debris. Use a pressure washer or a stiff brush to clean it. If it needs to be refinished, sand it and apply stain or paint. This needs to be done every few years. Repair or replace cracked planks.

Get out the patio furniture, vacuum and wash it, and put it in place. Clean the grill, and make sure it’s working properly. Check the lighting, and tighten or replace bulbs and fixtures as needed.

On the house

Clean the gutters of leaves and twigs by hand or with a wet/dry vacuum. Check the fascia board for damage and rot. Replace it if the gutters are loose or sagging. Look over the gutters and downspouts for holes, and caulk them. Replace anything badly damaged.

Remove storm doors and windows, clean them up, and put them away. Wash window screens and screen doors with soap and water before hanging them. Wash the windows beforehand, too!

Hose down vinyl siding from top to bottom. Clean wood siding with a brush and hose. Check for damage and plan for repairs. Now is the time to make plans to paint or stain the house, too.


Achilles Metal Roofing Embossed Shingles Collection from BuildDirect; resilient and lustrous.

Call a professional roofer to check your roof. Shingles can take a beating over winter, causing leaks. Metal roofs may need to have screws tightened. Debris that has collected in corners also needs to be removed.

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Regular maintenance

I remember my dad doing these things every spring. When I got old enough, I’d help out. I loved washing screens, because of the way water filled the little spaces.

Regular maintenance needs to be done annually. Keeping your house and yard in good shape extends the life of your property. It is easier and less expensive to do compared to fixing major problems caused by years of neglect.

Always use environmentally cleaning supplies. Once your spring cleaning is done, it’s time to enjoy your yard and home for the season!

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