Using Stacked Stone Veneer for Interior Walls

stacked stone veneer on interior walls

When you think of stone, it conjures images of a grand cabin in the woods or a classic, traditional home nestled in an old neighborhood. But you can use stone inside, too, and it really gives your home a warm and inviting element along with great texture and visual interest. If you’re considering trying stacked stone veneer on interior walls, there are lots of gorgeous options to choose from. This stone will help you create a unique feature wall or an updated fireplace that’s both beautiful and affordable.

The Benefits of Stone Veneer

One main perk to using stone veneer on interior walls is that it’s aesthetically pleasing to the eye. But stacked stone veneer is more than just beautiful, it offers a lot of other excellent benefits:

  • Stone veneer is lightweight and thin, making it extremely easy to install.
  • You can add stone veneer to any room of the home including on the fireplace or the main wall.
  • No additional structural support is needed when you install stone veneer, which means you can enjoy it virtually anywhere without extra materials and labor.
  • This form of stone is available in a huge range of attractive styles, colors, and textures.
  • Because it’s thinner and more lightweight, stone veneer is much more affordable than traditional stone.
  • The look of stone is striking in any type of home, whether it’s rustic and traditional or modern and contemporary.
  • Visually, stone veneer on interior walls is extremely impressive and can transform the entire look of your home.

There are plenty of ways you can incorporate stone veneer in your home. Add it to a fireplace to breathe new life into a dull, lifeless room. This covering will give your fireplace an impressive look and turn it into the main focal point of the room. You can also use it to enhance your kitchen. Simply apply some stone veneer around the kitchen island to transform it or use it on the walls as a beautiful backsplash. Apply stone veneer to one wall of your living room to give it a fresh, bold look. You can even add it to a wall in your bathroom for an instant update. Just be sure you add sealant to the stone in rooms where high levels of moisture or humidity are present.

Ideas for Stacked Stone Veneer in the Home

stacked stone veneer on interior walls

Black Bear Stone Veneer – Stacked Stone in Ozark / SKU: 15247592

Since stone veneer is easy to apply, the possibilities are endless. Try a wall of stacked stone that looks like bricks to give your home an infusion of texture and variety of colors. This type of stone looks beautiful in any setting whether it’s the living area, your bedroom, or the kitchen. Get creative and install the stone in an area of your home where it needs a bit of extra texture, depth, and dimension. The idea is to give the space a bold contrast that will bring the room a warm, inviting touch. For example, install a stone veneer backsplash in your kitchen to play against the smoothness of your countertops and cabinets. When you create this contrast, it adds a ton of visual depth and uniqueness to the space.

stacked stone veneer on interior walls

Black Bear Stone Veneer – Stacked Stone in Midnight / SKU: 10099606

To create an incredible feature wall, try stone veneer that exudes a natural look and uses subtle color variations. This look will give any room an impressive touch and it adds a whole new feeling to any space. Ideally, you want to choose a color palette that’s neutral so that it blends well with your existing furniture, artwork, and paint colors. Look for products that feature an array of subtly different depths to give the accent wall a lot of texture without being too overwhelming. The goal is to exhibit contrasts of color, texture, and design that will still meld beautifully with your existing fixtures and décor.

Black Bear Stone Veneer – Ready Stack Stone in Alabama / SKU: 10079703

The dining room is a space that’s often overlooked but adding stone veneer on interior walls in this space will make your dining area a lot more appealing. Use a lightweight stacked stone in warm colors that create a cozy dining atmosphere. This look gives your dining room an organic feel, and it will completely transform the look of the room while keeping your current style intact. Highlight the stone by installing new light fixtures that give the dining room a warm, inviting aura. Whether your home is modern or farmhouse-inspired, stone veneer on interior walls will give it the “wow” factor you’re looking for.

Using Stone Veneers for Your Fireplace

stacked stone on interior wallsOne of the most popular areas where stone veneer can really make an impact is your fireplace. Before you choose to apply this stone, there are a few key things to remember to ensure a proper install. First, you’ll need to make sure that the fireplace can handle stone and that everything is in good working condition and up to code. This step is crucial since applying stone will add a bit of weight to the fireplace that can be hazardous if it’s not inspected first.

You’ll need to add grooves to the mortar to help the stone veneer stick properly. Use a quality mortar that matches the color of the stone and apply it to the back of your stone veneer with a trowel. Apply the stone to the fireplace evenly and make sure that it’s level so no sections are sticking out further than others. Once everything is installed, give the mortar time to cure and dry. Remove excess mortar with a dry brush to avoid causing damage or staining to your new stone veneer.

Increase Your Resale Value with Stone Veneers

Not only will you enjoy your new stone veneer on interior walls, but it’ll also increase your home’s overall resale value. Stone adds a sophisticated element to the home and gives buyers a fantastic first impression. This material is also insulating, which means adding it as a feature wall can actually make your home more energy-efficient. Use a manufactured stone veneer that is less costly, more durable, and much more lightweight. It has the appearance of real stone without the high price tag, and its unique composition makes it built to last for many years. Whether it’s a new backsplash, bathroom feature, or fireplace accent, stone veneers inside the home can transform your space and make it truly beautiful.

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