Stacking up the Options: Faux Brick & Brick Styles

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faux brick ivory wall tile

Alzatina Ceramic Wall Tile – Liverpool Collection – “Ivory brick”

Question for you.

What comes to mind when you think of the words faux brick? Alright, got a few ideas? My guess is that you’re not thinking elegant, contemporary or modern. But in reality, faux brick and stone-look wall tiles have come a long way to encompass a whole range of different styles, textures and colors. Pick the right brick look and you’ll be able to achieve just about any style on the home décor spectrum.

Sleek contemporary

Contemporary design shouldn’t be stark or lifeless. Wall tiles are a great way to uphold clean lines while still adding visual interest. A subtle pattern that still complements contemporary design strikes the perfect balance – for example, Ivory Brick infuses life and style with a monochromatic brick pattern but keeps contemporary with a sleek geometric form.

This subtle brick pattern is ideal for a wall treatment or even a DIY update project. That tired fireplace façade you’ve been neglecting? It might be time for a makeover.

Authentic rustic

Achieving rustic home décor doesn’t have to mean decking out your living room in wood cabin décor (not that there’s anything wrong with that). Take the elements of rustic design and choose tiles that reflect the same qualities – think distressed, unrefined and natural.

travertine brick pattern wall covering bathroom

Kesir Travertine Mosaic – Stacked Stone Brick Series

Stacked Stone brick tiles have a varied depth and texture that add an authentic, rustic feel without smacking you in the face with flannel or a grizzly bear rug. Perfect for a fireplace or exterior siding makeover.

Classic & timeless

Exposed Brick is both timeless and highly sought after. You might not think that you can get this classic look without purchasing a character home or spending hours on install – but you can! Manufactured Brick Stone is a great alternative to real brick.

It has been designed to exude the same thickness and style of real brick, but is much, much easier to install (and did I mention much easier on the pocket?). Part of the popularity of exposed brick comes from the versatility of its style as it complements both traditional and modern design. So don’t be afraid to add this timeless look to your home. Why not try a feature wall?

Au naturel

Mosaic tumbled river pebbles – this trend literally add a natural element to your home décor as it is made from genuine river stones. Pebble mosaics are a great fusion between natural style and outdoor charm, making them ideal for a variety of projects.

Optico Mosaic Tile - Tumbled Stone Series River White

They work beautifully in bathrooms for spa-like, serene wall treatments or even as shower flooring to give your feet a treat. But think outside the box: pebble mosaics can also be used for exterior features, like a whimsical walkway or water fountain surround. Time to get creative!

Chic & elegant

If you want to add elegance to your home décor, marble tiles are a great choice. The natural flow and veining of the stone adds sophistication to any space. To really showcase the elegance of the stone, get creative with how you install and incorporate marble into your home.

marble brick pattern backsplash

Troya Marble Mosaic – Marble Series, Cappuccino / 1″x2″ / Polished


Highlight the tiles to add chicness to your decor by creating your own custom design. Make the marble tiles the focal point of a backsplash or feature wall by placing them amongst larger, simple tiles. Letting the marble tiles shine is what will really take your décor to the next level of elegance.

Open up a range of styles

So there you go. Brick designs open up a whole range of styles and projects that can help you achieve whatever aesthetic you want in your home. Maybe next time you think of the words faux brick, you might consider them a bit differently, or even feel inspired. What’s your favorite look? Let us know all about it in the comments below!

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