Stacking your stone accordingly

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Hi All, So straight walls and 90 degree corners are a piece of cake……right? Once you’ve master the skills of being able to install this stone and have it come out straight you can move on to something a little different. Lots of people are stumped when you run into situations where you don’t have 90 degree corners.

Sometimes it’s bay windows on the house or even if it is on a custom fireplace. Basically you have 3 choices. 1) You can just butt the stones together and you will get a vertical gap where the stones meet. 2) You can grout the line, but when you do this on stack stone it will look a little different because they aren’t meant to be grouted 3) Last but not least, miter cut the stones carefully and butt them together. This is in my opinion the best way because if you cut the angle correctly the joints will blend well.

Check out this thread from, one of the mason guys on there helped a contractor solve his problem of having to do a fireplace with Cultured Stone but with non-standard angles. I’d like to hear if anyone has better suggestions. It’s like therapy, sometimes it’s good to talk about it.



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