Stadium Seating Ideas

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If you’re creating a man-cave or putting together the most epic room imaginable for a movie-fiend, there’s absolutely nothing better than stadium seating. You might think this undertaking is too extreme to handle on your own, or that it’s too much of an indulgence, but that’s simply not so. In fact, once you see how easy it is to design your very own cinema, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Start Out with Tiers

You’ll need this one thing regardless of how you choose to set up your stadium seating. Tiers are probably the most important aspect of this style. If you don’t have tiers or multiple levels, you’ll basically have a bunch of cluttered chairs and couches, where the people in the back rows can’t see the screen because of the people in the front rows.


Making risers is fairly easy. You can use heavy sheets of wood and two-by-fours, or concrete blocks covered with sturdy wood. There are also pre-fab seat risers you can buy. You’ll have to put them together, but all the parts and pieces are there for you.

March of the Armchairs

There are several ways to incorporate stadium seating into your home, some of them admittedly more expensive than others. Using a group of armchairs technically falls into that category, although it really all depends on what kind of chairs you choose. First, let’s discuss the overall setup.

If you want to create a home theater using armchairs, you simply need to group them properly. In the back, on your riser, group three to five seats, right next to each other. On the lower level, arrange another three to five chairs. Everyone can see, they’re comfortable, and your room’s pretty much set.

On the subject of style, however, you have several options. You can go all out with plush leather chairs, you can choose traditional easy chairs, or you can start scoping secondhand stores, yard sales, and flea markets to find a mix of seats. It all depends on your budget and design aesthetic.

DIY Pallet Seating

Wooden pallet seats are shabby, chic, and attractive. This is ideal for the DIY fans who enjoy building things to their own specifications. All you need are twelve wooden pallets. Twelve is the magic number because you can arrange them two-by-two while building up. You’ll have one row at the bottom; behind that, you’ll have two pallets stacked atop two pallets; and behind that, you’ll have three pallets stacked on top of each other. That creates the stair-step needed for stadium seating.

You’re probably thinking that wooden pallets aren’t exactly comfortable, right? Not a problem! Cover your pallets with old couch cushions, floor pillows, regular pillows, throw pillows—anything for a little cushion.


Authentic Stadium Seating

If there are any stadiums or cinemas going out of business in your area, take a look. You can find authentic seats there, or in a variety of secondhand shops. Using seat risers or the cinder block trick, you can create seating that looks like it came straight out of a movie theater. Just try to avoid the sticky floors; that’s a little too authentic.

Are you up for installing stadium seating in your home? While you’re at it, you better get a good popcorn popper.


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