Stained Glass Gives Your Home Personality

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Several years ago, I stayed at a lovely bed and breakfast in western Kentucky. The lady of the house cooked the most amazing coffee cake, which I enjoyed as I watched the man of the house ply his trade — he made stained glass windows.

“Stained glass can symbolize the things that make a home or a person so unique,” he said. “A window is just a window. But a stained glass window — that becomes a cherished memory.”

Stained glass can turn a house into a home

Decorating with stained glass decor and windows can allow you to make your house a home. Stained glass offers the opportunity to customize the look until you have something that is entirely about you. From unique windows in each room that cater to each family member or a small piece of stained glass decorating your dining room table, the possibilities are endless. Here are just a few:

Give each room a story

If you want stained glass windows, why not tell the tale of the room they are in? If your son is into soccer, choose a window that offers plenty of green and white. If your daughter is into horses, choose a window that features a stable. Do you enjoy cooking? Your kitchen window can feature a chef’s hat and rolling pin. Let your imagination go wild!

Create a stunning stained glass entryway

Give your guests a positive first impression with delightful stained glass in your front door, the transom or sidelights. You can also opt for a decorative piece of stained glass that sits in the entryway to greet visitors when they arrive. Go with colors that compliment the paint or wallpaper in the entry area.

Source: via Carolyn on Pinterest


Add a touch of whimsy

From rooster in the kitchen to tiny seashells in the bathroom, stained glass is the perfect way to add a bit of whimsical beauty to your home while creating a conversation piece that your guests will love.

Let the light shine through

Stained glass lamps might bring to mind expensive Tiffany lamp styles, but there are plenty of lovely stained glass lamps out there to fit any budget. These lamps are loaded with character, so take your time in finding one that you know you will love for years to come.

Take it outside

 Who says stained glass has to stay inside? Sturdy stained glass structures can be erected in your yard, on your deck or underneath your porch. These unique eye-catching pieces can accent your gardens and other outdoor structures, or they can be the focal point all on their own.


Choose collections instead of one piece

If you’re nervous about committing to one large installation of stained glass, go for smaller options. Choose small panels of stained glass to display around the house, pick up stained glass sculptures to grace your tables and even look into creating a single pane of a window with a tiny spot of stained glass beauty.

Make your own

If you want something truly unique, learn to make your own stained glass. Look into offerings from your local community college, enrichment programs or area craftsmen. A few weekends of learning and you could be well on your way to making a masterpiece of your own.

When I left the bed and breakfast in Kentucky, I purchased a small stained glass panel that features a Cardinal — the Kentucky state bird. Now it sits on the windowsill and catches the light, a constant reminder of a really cool place and the awesome things I learned there. Your stained glass can be the same way: Personal, pretty and perfect.

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