Stair With Flair: Style and Artistry On Your Stairs

Stairs are functional in our homes, and are perhaps taken for granted. After all, the idea of stairs when it comes to style and design is really about providing a way to go from room to room and floor to floor to see the flashes of personality we’ve cooked up in bedrooms, dens, studies, bathrooms, etc.

But, what about the stairs themselves? Is it possible to add flair to our stair, as we go from one zone of our homes to another?

Well, yes.

And to reinforce the point, here are a few examples of stylish stairs that remind us that it’s the details that can really bring about the biggest transformations in our spaces.


Patterned stairs

What’s often missed when it comes to stairs is that they present workable, and visible surfaces, ready to be adorned by your sense of style. This example shows a subtle pattern that adds contrast, and visual variation.

Source: via Rob on Pinterest


Stairs bring symmetry and balance

As noted above, the stair “face” presents a chance to add some subtle variation. But, stairs exist in three dimensions, offering all kinds of opportunities to create symmetry and balance. Here’s a great example of stairs that deliver that effect, contrasting the vertical lines of the wall with a horizontal and ascending arrangement of the artwork.

Source: via mysweetiepiepie on Pinterest

Floating stairs rock the geometry

Although maybe not the best choice if you’ve got small children, floating stairs can add some geometric sophistication to a space. This shows that function and artistry aren’t mutually exclusive.

Fairfield House modern staircase

Spiral staircase minimalism

Following the trend of 21st century minimalism, spiral stairs in a modern context is stark and stylish all at once. Take a look at this example of a minimalist approach to stairs that transforms a practical element of a space into a piece of sculpture.

Source: via Aylin on Pinterest

Stairs without right angles

Ninety degree angles are only one options for stairs. And this example of a spiral staircase illustrates the point perfectly, with stairs that feature rounded edges, fitting in very well with the dance of circular forms and the straight lines that is happening in this interior.

Source: via Spencer on Pinterest

Pre-counted stairs?

In a busy life, sometimes you want some of the work done for you. Here’s a way that your stairs can be adorned with personality, while also providing the functional service of counting themselves so you don’t have to! But, seriously, this is an easy way to catch the eye on your stairs to highlight the details, and something that can be added very simply to existing stairs.

our entryway staircase traditional staircase


Our stairs are a working part of our homes. But, as we’ve seen there are a number of ways to make them as stylish as the rooms they’re leading to.

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