Stealing From Celebs: 5 Awesome Home Decor Ideas From The Famous

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Decorating your home is a challenge for anyone, but this is especially true if you don’t have a good feel for what you like. However, inspiration is everywhere. By borrowing home decor ideas from some celebs (and their decorators), you can turn a bland abode into a chic and impressive living space.

Ellen Pompeo – Bedroom Elegance

“Grey’s Anatomy” star Ellen Pompeo has a brilliant way to brighten any bedroom and divert from a neutral color scheme. In her room, she hangs an Egyptian-themed red and gold cloth that adds an eye-catching solution to an otherwise forgettable space. To do this on your own and within your budget, visit a local fabric store, where you can purchase your favorite style to length.

Ivanka Trump – Unusual Colors

In Ivanka Trump’s Manhattan home, she uses unusual colors on otherwise neutrally colored furniture such as desks, chairs, and tables. While there’s nothing wrong with a wood finish, painting these adds a tasteful, distinctive display. To find some remarkable (or strange) colors on the cheap, visit your local home improvement store and ask for “oops” paint. This is paint that wasn’t mixed correctly or that a customer returned. It’s typically high quality and very affordable.

Lauren Conrad – Classical Furnishings

For “The Hills” star Lauren Conrad, it’s all about sticking to the classics.  You can spruce up timeless pieces, such as antiques or old prints, to have a modern edge while still maintaining their old-school appeal. For an old armoire, add a modern color. For an antique sofa, buy some throw pillows. Check out yard sales, estate sales, and thrift shops for interesting classical pieces on the cheap.

Meg Ryan – Simplicity

For perhaps the cheapest or greenest idea in home decor, take a page from actress Meg Ryan. By clearing out the clutter and letting the home itself do the talking, you can have a home that’s warm and free from constant upkeep. Ryan explains that the home should fit your interests and its setting — but with a minimalist approach. By selling items you don’t need, you might actually make some money off your redecoration.

Anthony Edwards – Wallpaper

For many, the idea of wallpaper conjures up images of gaudy decor or grandma’s house. However, actor Anthony Edwards and his wife have found that an elegant wallpaper pattern adds texture to rooms that goes a step beyond what paint can do, especially in smaller spaces like a bathroom or guest bedroom. You can buy wallpaper for a low price at many home decor stores, or you can even create your own online for a look that’s 100 percent you.

No matter what your definition of style is, there’s a universe of ideas waiting out there for you, and there’s no better place to start than the stars. They get to pay the big money to have their homes decorated. All you have to do is a little creative idea borrowing, and your elegant home can look like it belongs in a magazine.


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