Stone Pavers That Are Right For You: Granite & Travertine

Stone pavers add both aesthetic and monetary value to your landscape. Requiring minimal maintenance, they are durable enough for high traffic areas like driveways and work well in wet locations like the swimming pool. Granite and travertine are two of the most popular paving landscape materials as they offer unmatched durability. They are offered in a wide array of colors and sizes and are easy to customize in their patterns. But which of paving material is right for you?


  • Can withstand harsh conditions and works well in areas with extreme freeze-thaw cycles
  • Flamed finish adds slight variation to the surface, preventing slippage
  • Bulk colors offer a more uniform hue across the paver
  • Does not absorb heat
  • Hardest building material available: unbeatable durability with minimal wear
  • Crystalline appearance

Medley Granite Pavers  Yellow / 6"x6"x1 1/4" / Flamed


  • Good choice for tropical, humid climates
  • Broad choice of finishes available, including brushed, tumbled, and honed
  • Natural cooling properties keep it comfortable for even bare feet in the sun
  • Tonal differences within the shade of the paver
  • Earthy aesthetic


Cabot Travertine Pool Copings Tuscany Riviera / 12"x 24"x 2" / Honed, Unfilled  Brushed

Offering unbeatable durability, pavers are a smart investment for the long-term value of your property. Besides being long-lasting, they add a pleasing aesthetic appeal to your landscape. For more information, take a look at another one of our guides to natural stone pavers: Natural Stone Patio Pavers or our Ultimate Guide.

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