Storage Solutions With Class

Although it’s tempting to cram all of your extra junk into your garage and let it accumulate until it’s too late, rest assured, there are better storage options available! That said, below is a gallery of storage solutions that will help to keep your clutter out of site but without sacrificing any of your home’s class.

Under Stair Storage

One of the biggest wastes of space in most any home is the dead space beneath the stairs. While you can always leave this area unfinished and crudely cram it full of your knickknacks, this unique stair storage idea is a great example of a classy utilization of this often abused space.


A Little Trim Goes a Long Way

If you don’t have a ton of money to go spend on a staircase remodel or on high quality furniture with built-in storage compartments, check out what these people did. They simply purchased some cheap shelving units but by adding a small bit of quality trim, they’ve transformed the cheap materials into a presentable storage solution.


Two Birds, One Ottoman

If you’re in a smaller studio apartment and facing a serious lack of storage and seating, try combining the two. These colorful ottoman’s are a great way to provide ample seating for your guests while still stowing away some of the clutter that would otherwise overrun your small living area.

Fashion + Function

Speaking of colors, not all storage areas have to be hidden from sight in order to go unnoticed. In fact, with these stylish storage bins below, you’ll notice that the pleasant colors and funky patterns combine both fashion and function in creating a storage solution that goes totally undetected.


Of course, there are times when you simply have too much to store and not enough clever places to hide it all – in that case, if you got it, flaunt it! While this won’t work for all of your office paper work and other busy clutter, items such as books, records and vases can sometimes be featured prominently on shelves and used to create really great eye candy for your guests. Yes, it’s junk but it looks cool. 

Shadow Boxes

Using the same if you got it, flaunt it mentality from above, shadow boxes are another great way to stylistically showcase your trinkets. By mounting these 3-D frames onto your wall and strategically arranging your items within them, you’re now using your knickknacks to your decorating advantage rather than trying to hide it. It’s yours, so own it!


Vintage Trunks and Suitcases

Another classy way to stash away your junk while decorating your home with some stylish décor is to utilize vintage trunks and suitcases to your advantage. Check out these good-looking wood and burlap trunks. Sure, they look great, but you can also store a ton of stuff inside of them – the same goes for stacking vintage suitcases!

Open Face Stairs

This idea was too cool not to feature! Marrying the concept of both stair storage and if you got it, flaunt it, this home has built a bookshelf and/or display case within the confines of the stairs themselves. Though this is pretty bold, it’s a really cool idea for showcasing some of your great pieces that would otherwise be hiding in the depths of a storage unit.

Embrace the Shelf Organizers

Of course, there are always those items that you want to be stored accessibly – paperwork, etc that you don’t want to be unstacking heavy trunks each time you need it. For office supplies and other matter that needs to be reachable, don’t be afraid to embrace the shelf organizers. Check out this picture below; this person has all kinds of supplies and documents that are easily accessible and they haven’t sacrificed an ounce of aesthetic appeal to make it happen!


The Umbrella Solution

Although we recognize that umbrellas probably don’t make up the bulk of your storage needs, this idea was too creative to pass up. Just by painting these concrete cinder blocks you can instantly turn a piece of raw construction equipment into a functional and classy, storage option.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this gallery of classy storage options and have found a solution for your clutter that doesn’t take away from your home’s appeal.

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