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Summertime is the time of big life events. Sometimes, this means weddings and wedding receptions. Sometimes, it’s a milestone birthday, or a graduation party.

Whatever the event, having big events hosted in your home raises questions about decor, and about budget too. How can you spruce up a space, and maybe have it jibe with a certain theme without spending  a lot of cash to do so?

One idea that many people turn to on special events, like wedding receptions, or milestone birthday parties, or really any big event that your space plays a role in ensuring a memorable occasion, is linens. But, how do you choose color schemes, patterns, and applications for linens, and still maintain the balance in a space as held by other home decor elements?

We here at BuildDirect had no idea!

So, to find out, we asked a customer of ours – La Tavola linens – who make it their business to rent out linens that help homeowners hosting big events get the effects they’re after. Specifically, we talked to Melissa, who among other things manages the company’s linen rental blog.  We asked her a couple of questions about linen trends, and how to apply linens to help transform a space during popular summer events and family gatherings.

Here’s what she said!


What are the trends where linens are concerned in terms of usage, color, and placement?

It’s amazing how many brides come in and ask the question, “What linens am I supposed to have”. Our response will always be the same: there is absolutely no right or wrong choice when it comes to table linens! There is no formula, no secret method, no handbook stating which linens work with what.

Choosing table décor is entirely based on preference, and each and every designer, bride, florist, etc. should exercise his or her own creativity and go against what is thought to be the “right” linen. This applies to mixing patterns, colors, textures, napkins, you name it…linen selection is all about having fun and choosing what is right for YOU—not anyone else.

La Tavola store in Napa, CA.

With that being said, this season we have seen many reoccurring trends. Layering linens has been a popular way to incorporate different textures, colors, and prints—whether it’s with runners or overlays. Prints are also being heavily embraced this summer along with our Tuscany line, which is a solid raw linen that offers elegance along with that beloved rustic charm.

Lastly, pops of color have officially become the new “white wedding”. Referencing back to what is thought to be a “wedding linen”, we have found that our clients are daring to shy away from basic ivory and white linens and are adding color (which we at La Tavola love!).

What creative uses of linens can affect the overall appeal of a room that the average person may not have considered?

While we may be a tad bit biased, we believe that linens have the most dramatic effect on event décor, with the least amount of cost. Sure, that gorgeous centerpiece with cascading crystals and the elaborate 5-tier wedding cake can make a wedding spectacular, but it’s amazing how different those details can look on coordinating linens rather than a white, polyester afterthought.

Just as you would never pair boxed wine with a fine meal, it should be encouraged to have your table linens up to par with the rest of your fabulous décor.


Thanks, Melissa!

For more information, you can follow La Tavola on Twitter. Also, you can become a fan of the La Tavola Facebook page.



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