Stylish Hexagon Tile Ideas for Your Bathroom

Get creative with our range of Hexagon Tiles. Bathrooms need never be boring.

Tile is the best wall and flooring choice for the bathroom, since it’s waterproof, easy to maintain, and won’t mold, mildew, scratch, or stain. The number of options available for bathroom tile is astonishing. Tile comes in countless shapes, sizes, colors, textures, and materials. You can achieve any look with tile, from rustic to ultra-modern and everything in-between.

Hexagon tiles are one of the most popular tile choices for the bathroom. Here, we look at these striking tiles and the many unique ways you can use them.

Why Hexagon Tile?

Hexagon tiles have six sides and fit together perfectly to create a cohesive pattern. These tiles became popular in bungalow-style homes in the 1920s and 1930s, and many old homes still sport their prized original tile. White and black were the most popular choices for hexagonal tiles back then, and one of the most sought-after patterns was the rose pattern, characterized by solid white hexagon tiles interspersed with black hexagon circles, resembling flowers. Nowadays, there are countless ways to use hexagonal tiles in the bathroom.

White Hexagon Tiles with Black Grout

For a classic, retro look, choose white hexagon tiles for your bathroom on the floor or walls, and use a charcoal gray or black grout to make the shape of the tiles pop. This combination works exceptionally well in a black-and-white bathroom. Consider a modern or retro black vanity with farmhouse-style white sinks, and hang some monochromatic art on the walls for a crisp, clean look.

Black Hexagon Tiles with White Grout

Add points of interest to your bathroom with our Hexagon Tiles.

Black tiles are becoming increasingly popular in the bathroom, particularly on the floors. A black hexagon tile floor with white grout defines the shape of the tiles and adds another layer of texture to your bathroom. Larger black hexagon tiles with white grout on the walls are bold and beautiful and make a strong design statement.

Trickling Patterns

Trickling patterns are popular this year and can work well in larger bathrooms. An interesting and eye-catching trend, trickling patterns involve hexagon tiles that gradually transition to wood or another flooring type, with the tiles randomly tapering off where the wood starts. You can also create this pattern with contrasting hexagon tiles. For example, black tiles may transition gradually to white or gray tiles. Trickling patterns add texture and interest to the bathroom and look great on the floor or the wall.

Large Hexagon Tiles

Get creative with our range of Hexagon Tiles.

The classic hexagon tile we’re all familiar with is the one-inch variety. But over the years, hex tiles have grown in size. These luscious 3.25-inch hexagon tiles make a daring statement in the bathroom, whether you install them on the floors or walls–or both. White with marbled gray accents, these tiles look stunning with dark grout and can transform an old bathroom into a luxurious hideaway.

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Random Pixilation

Large or small hexagon tiles randomly punctuated with a contrasting color create a fluid, adventurous design that’s as playful as it is beautiful. Combine white hexagon tiles with black, gold, or blue tiles, or combine various shades of white for a subtly textured monochromatic look.


Another dramatic hexagon tile look is the half-and-half. Generally used with larger hexagon tiles in two or more contrasting colors, this pattern involves cutting each tile in half and combining halves to create interesting geometrical patterns within the hex pattern. Although this tiling job can be labor-intensive, the final look is well worth the work.

Combination Tiles

Mix and match your Hexagon Tiles.

Mixing and matching hexagon tiles with tiles of another shape creates visual interest in your bathroom. For example, you can get a stunning look by installing white subway tiles with black grout on the walls and black hexagon tiles with white grout on the floor. Or, try large-format rectangular tiles on the floor and large hexagon tiles on the walls for eye-pleasing contrast.

Classic Border

Small, white hexagon tiles in the bathroom bring a classic look, and you can make it even more retro with a black-and-white tile border. Get a unique look by creating the border with small square tiles in a checkerboard or Greek key pattern, or border your floor with black hex tiles interspersed with white rosettes.

Large and Small Combined

Combining large and small hexagon tiles gives your bathroom a cohesive look while increasing the visual interest. One way to create a unique combination look is to install small, white hexagon tiles on the floor and large, black hexagon tiles on the walls. To create even more drama, lay small, white tiles on the floor with black rosettes interspersed at measured intervals. On the largest bathroom wall, create a similar pattern with larger hex tiles. Tile the other walls in solid black or solid white hex tiles.

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Wood-Grain Hex Tiles

While black and white are perhaps the most common colors when it comes to hexagon tiles, you certainly aren’t limited to these colors. Hex tiles come in numerous colors, but they’re also available with unique textures and patterns. One great look for the bathroom is a wood-grain pattern like this hex tile in Birchwood Gray and Creme. A wood-grain pattern brings a sense of nature into the bathroom and provides opulent texture for a luxurious look.

Hexagon Tile Materials

Hexagon tiles are available in a range of materials. Of the different types of floor tiles you can use with this style porcelain and ceramic flooring tiles are the least expensive option. They’re fairly easy to install if you’re a skilled DIYer, and they don’t require much in the way of maintenance. Natural stone tile, including marble, slate, granite, and soapstone, is more expensive than porcelain and ceramic, but the natural textures and colors of these materials make them an eye-catching option for the bathroom when laid in a hexagonal style.

Porcelain Tile

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