Submit Your Room Scenes For Cash

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BuildDirect is looking to publish real pictures from customers who’ve purchased from us. If we publish them on our main website ( we’ll pay you $100.

To increase your chances of being picked up, please read the guidelines below.

Room styles we’re looking for

Submission guidelines for room scenes photos

  • The room needs to show a large cross section of flooring
  • It also needs to display enough other elements to be considered a “room”.  Shots that focus solely on the product with a corner of furniture or cabinet included won’t be usable.
  • Likewise, shots that don’t show enough floor/product won’t be usable. Some examples of suitable room scenes can be seen above.
And, have fun!
Feel free to have your kids in the pictures and enjoy yourself throughout, if you’re like us at BuildDirect we’re sure you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to show your new floors, decks, tile, and outdoor living features to the world. Otherwise, here are the basics to make sure of when you’re taking your shots.

Photo resolution

Try to send your pictures in as high a resolution as you can. This will increase your chances of being published. The file size for your photo(s) should not be smaller than 2.0 megabytes = 2,000 kb.

  1. Left click your mouse button once on the file you would like to select (this selects the file).
  2. Then Right click your mouse button once (while the file is selected)
  3. Scroll down and click on “Properties” – You should now see the below tab with the information being representative of your file.

Here’s where to find the resolution of your image in a Windows environment once you’ve done all of that:

Photo Orientation

We prefer pictures in landscape format. Landscape means that the horizontal side is longer than the vertical one, like this one:

This is a "landscape" orientated shot that features a BuildDirect area rug, sized appropriately for this page (yours will be larger). The photo also puts the rug in context with the other elements of the room. It's also a high resolution image, and the lighting is good.

Before you send us multiple shots, please submit a test shot to BuildDirect for approval prior to shooting a number of room scenes. This will help us confirm that the setup will be suitable for use on our website and marketing materials.

Take a great photo!

If you’re interested in more information about how to get the best results,  and increase your chance for getting $100 for your image, check out these tips for taking great photos.
If you have any questions call us anytime at 1-877-631-2845, our friendly customer service reps will be glad to help.

Good luck, and have fun!



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    Pls send me the email address to send the pix. They were returned to me.

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